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Because I'm usually very slack with posing I thought I'd do some serious pose exercises. Also playing around with GI bounce settings for Uberenvironment 2. Single distant light. Think I've finally nailed the colour profile issue I've been having, thought that remains to be seen. This isn't the first time I thought I've fixed it. For sometime I thought Firefox liked RGB and didn't like sRGB, but this time it is the opposite.

Scene was composed in DAZ Studio 4 with stock models and textures.

Headspikes by parrotdolphine [link]
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Very nice, the posing looks pretty nice to me.
Nice work with it all!
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Great use of 3Delight. I tend to prefer LuxRender or Octane, but it's renders like this that show the versatility of 3Delight. Well done.
Jim-Zombie's avatar
Thanks. I'm quite a fan of LuxRender too - would be an Octane guy if I had the card for it. I'm also very happy using the LightWave's render engine too. 3Delight is a great engine if you know how to get the best from it, which admittedly I don't really :D A lot of 3Delights potential is not apparent in DAZ Studio.
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Nice render!
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Beautiful render!
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the skin tones are so good and the lighting
sylver-dali's avatar
well don this is excellent the pose is stunning great job
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Thanks. I think this is one of the better 3delight renders I've done. Probably one of the best period. Just hope I can keep moving forward.
wow nice render here
tats2's avatar
Cool - Very well done
MarcosDKS's avatar
I like the lighting. Very good!
ThierryCravatte's avatar
Fantastic render and excellent materials !
Jim-Zombie's avatar
Thanks. I think the materials are mostly close to defaults, so had good stuff to work with ;)
SuperBoomTurbo's avatar
Jim, I'm impressed! With rare exception, I haven't seen this good of quality come straight out of Studio in a looooooong time! GI is great, but it takes for friggin' ever to render. Might I inquire on how long this ran for?
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Thanks :) The 3delight engine isn't too bad at all, and quite capable of photorealism (not that this is quite photoreal). This one didn't take all that long to render (couple of hours maybe), and that's probably due to the fact there is very little in the way of texture and geometry here. All the reflections use images (so no huge raytrace bump). The only part of the image that the render engine really had to chew on was the front character's face. Using only one light certainly sped things along.

While I was pretty happy with the way the image rendered off this has been post worked to really make it pop. The more I learn about 3delight the more I like it. Omnifreaker’s lights are great. They really bring a lot to Studio's rendering capabilities, many of which I believe 3delight supports natively, but aren't active due to licencing.
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I think it looks really good, lighting setup and all... Looks quite natural for the lighting on the skin, as well as the reflective high gloss on the metal surfaces.

I could never get anywheres with Uber Environment with DS. Its not an easy system to get used to or master. So hats off to you. :)
Jim-Zombie's avatar
Thanks :) Uberenvironment is quite easy once you've done a little reading on it (otherwise it is very tricky). There are a couple of "quality" settings that really need to be upped when doing final renders, and other than that it's mostly a matter of loading your HDR and tinkering with the saturation till you find a happy spot. Having a couple of distant/spot lights are often necessary if you need a hard light source, and or strong specularity. The system isn't perfect, but is a great addition to Studio. Sort of HDR is a lot better than no IBL at all.

I think without Omnifreaker's products I would have long ago abandoned ship and delved right into Carrara. At the moment the shader system and browser are the biggest limiting factors in my use of Carrara - they are quite daunting for the newb. Trying to find one particular shader among hundreds is not fun at all.
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