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Here's the little robo dude again. Was another image testing effects of UberEnvironment bounce light. Used two UberSpot lights. notice down by the bottom of the wall where the shadows should be spilling onto the floor and the colours should be blending? Apparently uberenvironment, or the spot lights don't like it when you hastily create scenery from intersecting planes, and I assume objects of any kind (something to keep in mind when modelling). So after this I went over to LightWave to get something better worked out. At the time using a cube must have seemed too simple.

Robot is from DAZ 3D.
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looks good, I'm still playing with those damn lights! Damn you for introducing me to them! *grumbles*
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This one didn't take so long. 3 hours, and that's with subtle reflections on the walls, which I could easily have turned off for this one. I find a touch of reflection is good for spreading light about, but only if you knock trace distance up. I think that's where all the expense was coming from. But even here with it turned right down to the default you still get some nice colour blending and bounce.