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Give me please points to be VIP
Commissions :points:
Line Art: 50-200 :points: /5-10 :dollarus:
Love commission lineart by jim-alex
Fans Art: 50-200 :points: /5-10 :dollarus:
Sketch ryu vs jin by jim-alex
OC :50-200 :points: /5-10 :dollarus:
Silent Gothic shhh by jim-alex
Dragons:50-200 :points: /5-10 :dollarus:
Dragon by jim-alex
Fans Art: 400 -1000 :points: /20-30 :dollarus:
Venom by jim-alex
OC: 300-1000 :points: /15-30 :dollarus:
Contest Nouveau Fireflies by jim-alex
Dragons: 400-2500 :points: /20-30 :dollarus:
Dragon by jim-alex
Cover Book: 600-3000 :points: /25-50 :dollarus:
Cover Legends of Loros by jim-alex
Ilustrations: 600-3000 :points: /25-50 :dollarus:
Amor de elfa by jim-alex

Any question or doubt on the price or design of works is totally negotiable

Commissions USD
Commissions price by jim-alex

He contacts me for note or comment:
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Duration 1-4 weeks

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Have you seen my most recent piece? I was thinking about getting it redone in full color and shading. Do you think you could do that? Right now I'm just prospecting the possibility, but I may decide to pay for a commission in the future.
jim-alex's avatar
Sure could take your ideas and make it tell me my style and technique, you can negotiate the payment :)
TheImaginautDragon's avatar
I'm probably going to go for a digital drawing version. At that point the drawing could be considered concept art for all intents and pourposes. I'll probably come up with a color palette when I get around to it.
jim-alex's avatar
ok, I can make your concept painting with my technique :P
TheImaginautDragon's avatar
Jugding by the type of work you do I'd say you'd definitely be able to make what I want. It'll never be "perfect" unless I do it myself, but hey, at least it can look good. I'm a little busy taking care of other things right now, but later I think I can get back to you on that.
Living-In-Whimsy's avatar
After I get paid (November 16) I will be coming back for more lineart. <3
jim-alex's avatar
ok wait ^^ lineart or illustrations ^^ xD
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Ray-Akim-Blau's avatar
hey dibujas anthros?

jim-alex's avatar
depende del tipo , más o menos como sería ?
Ray-Akim-Blau's avatar
algo como esto [link], y si se puede seria unas lineas... :meow:
jim-alex's avatar
podría intentarlo , sólo quieres el lineart ? o el boceto ?
Ray-Akim-Blau's avatar
eso depende, cuanto cuesta el lineart y el boceto? (en puntos :iconpointslaplz:)
jim-alex's avatar
aquí esta los precios en el Journals xD vale lo mismo jaja
Ray-Akim-Blau's avatar
hahaha, en ese caso seria un lineart... :la:

en un momento te mando los puntos... :)
jim-alex's avatar
ok ahora me tienes que decir la postura , el personaje que quieres y creo que ya está xD ahh y para cuando lo quieres ?
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