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(This was supposed to have started in March, but I wanted to wait until end of chapter 11. Yet 11 won't be done for a bit yet. I wanted this contest to go on all summer ,so I'll give it a start.)

What you need to do...
Come up with a costume design for characters...
Scout, Starla and Demi.

She's a tomboy but she doesn't mind dressing girly. Likes boots. Starla is traveling so something comfortable yet cute. She's kinda a country girl. A southern bell. Her theme color is light brown.

He's a shy guy so he is usually dressed all covered up(ex: the jacket he wears now). Starla kinda hates that outfit he wears, so she want s him to dress up more cool looking or something. Rockstar like... Something that might attract more fangirls... yet Scout doesn't want to dress goth, emo or like a girl. His theme colors are green and black.

Something sexy. Note: she's not heavily endowed(Lina Inverse-like she's short and has little boobs), so something that will bring out her other womanly features. Her theme color is dark purple.

If you want to look deeper into the character designs and personality please look at the comic…


The Main CONTEST (It will go on all summer. Will end... August 20ish):
1st Place Outfit (3 different winners. One winner for each character Scout, Starla, and Demi) Characters wear the outfit sometime in the series (I'm estimating....chapter 13, 14, 15.) AND a choice of the First Volume of TPCTH, a drawing book(more details on that later), or a ten page guest comic commission.

Best Gag clothing: (one winner) Basically funnest outfit. The I-seriously-can't-imagine-my-character-in-this-outfit winner. Get commission and TPCTH art mailed to you. :D

The traditional best fanart of character in different clothing: (one winner)  If this was a normal fanart contest this person would be the grand prize winner. Most skillful art, but I can't imagine drawing that much detailed clothing for 100+ panels. Get commission and TPCTH art mailed to you. You darn skillful artist you!

Extra winners!: For people that designed awesome outfits that I want to use in the comic as well. Get commission and TPCTH art mailed to you.

Rules and tips:
1. You can summit as many entries as you want. (A drawing of each character is one entry. So an entry of Scout, Demi and Starla count as 3 entries.) BUT for the Main contest you can only win once. It is possible for the winner of the early bird Starla contest to win a part in the main contest.

2. Keep it PG13.

3. No chibi entries. My character style is semi realistic anatomy so I need accurate clothing drawings to get the best idea of what the characters look like wearing the clothing. You can draw it anime style. No problem with that!

4. Don't just send me drawings of clothing.  Draw the characters wearing the clothing. I don't care if the people aren't drawn that well this isn't a skillful fanart contest this is clothing designs. Fashion! (You can send drawings of clothing with the picture of the character wearing the clothing if it helps.)

5. Make it detailed ,but don't make it too detailed. I'm using the clothing designs for a comic so I'm going to have to draw the outfit over and over again. Too many details will make me not want to draw it.

6. Sorry no only Pepe entries will be awarded. You can put the little guy in a picture with one of the three characters, but come on he's naked. He doesn't need clothing.

Email entries to

I'll add more details to the contest when chapter 11 ends.
Questions just ask.

DA Entries so far:
From :iconmegsyv:…

EDIT: The Mini Starla contest is over!!!
See the winner and entries here:…
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theshadowserpent Featured By Owner May 9, 2007
I've finished the rough for Scout. I'm proud of it, if it doen't win one of my character's will wear it. :)
JillyFoo Featured By Owner May 9, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
Oh I'm so excited to see it. Take your time too because it's a long way off until August or summit more for better chances. hee hee.
theshadowserpent Featured By Owner May 10, 2007
God Damn! I want to ACTUALLY make this outfit!
MegSyv Featured By Owner May 8, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
My entry is about halfway done, Jilly. I hope you like it. =)
JillyFoo Featured By Owner May 9, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
MegSyv Featured By Owner May 9, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Raaar. [link]
theshadowserpent Featured By Owner May 5, 2007
I might enter...
JillyFoo Featured By Owner May 5, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
Sweet! Oh and I can send you DE related art too if you win. ^_^
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Submitted on
June 3, 2007