Well I feel a bit more confident

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Well I feel a bit more confident in my ongoing self learning. Its so funny cause everytime I think I want to try something new and I'm afraid to start it. I can't seem to let that self judgement bullshit go, the stupid thing is almost everything I try (emphasis on the word almost) that was just for me sorry where was I?, ok everything I try and set out to accomplish usually comes out ok, so what is with the self torture? and I have to fight to remind myself I love art and I love creating art. I do know that part of the problem is my Virgoness, i know thats not a word, but I just made it up, being a perfectionist and I get lost in and keep myself from experiencing the joy of it all. I am into self torture I knew that.....lol Anyways I thought I should write something up to date, and i do at least give myself some credit and I am learning more and more and progressing nicely. And I suppose for beginners thats all we can do. I do wish I wouldnt have stopped doing art all those years in between. But the journey IS what it IS, so I'll just be glad I listened to the calling and was brave enough to step into it again. I guess thats the one thing I can be truly thankful for through this shitty last year and my divorce. Amen to that! Anyways I feel honored to be here among sooo many majorly talented people, and that we are at least creating our own little part of beauty on the planet. Beautiful Brightest Blessings to All.
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