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for littleevee17 i am so sorry that i am lata with sasony 
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Awww I love it!!!! ONG thank you!!! She looks awsome, thank thank XD (hug) and yr find I'm not good with posting request either

But thank you I really love it so much XD it brings back so many memories
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You are very welcomed can u draw me and my friend warriors cat oc
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omg yes just send me pics or description and give me time alright but I'd be happy too XD

oh and do you want it digital or on sketch paper?

and do you want you and yr friends character together or separate?

one last question, is their a theme or certain way u want me to draw them like poses or just surprise you  

and if you want me to surprise you can you tell me the about yr ocs, that would help ^^

I apologize for all the question. I wanna take this serious so I don't mess up and plus its been awhile since ive had a commission, im excited X3
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ok my oc named froststar  is SHE-CAT pure black with front paws white with ice blue eye but blind and has a amethyst necklaces gray iner ears and nose mousestar she cat with light brown light purple eye white chest paws and tail tip white iner ears and a light pink nose  character together and i whant it digital and can i have they running to together me and my friend are like sister and thats ok soory for the bad spelling  
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lol alright im on it ^^ and just so were clear I don't know how to make movement on sai or I don't know animation at all, just saying but it would be cool if I did hahaha XD

and yr spelling is fine ^w^ (hug) but ill work on it right away, thxs so much for letting me draw yr characters
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your welcomed 
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Still working on it but I'll try to have it done soon maybe at they end of this week 
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oh that ok take your time and again thank you for doning me a drawing 
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