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Can I credit Moonglowlily for the tree resources.
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Aww thanks for the lovely comments as ever Wil. Yes our Merlin does stand out doesn't he? Even if I am full of Mordred feels at the moment again. Good point about his lightness against their darkness, though I will still defend poor Mordred and put it down to fate, rather than evilness. =P (Razz)  

I know it is really useful being on here and having a place I can put my Merlin art. I never know how much stuff to put on WW at the moment. :) (Smile) 
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Aww, great text. I also love that solitary tree in the background. As if you're giving more dimension to the "alone" part. Great colour work on Morgana and Mordred. Merlin has a different colour here... It makes him stand out though, which is good. He's of course the light to their darkness hey? ;-) Nice one Jill. If I do miss your art in the gallery, I'm glad I get updates over here on it. :-) Have a great weekend!