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HP-Naruto crossover

bwahahaha Harry Potter - Naruto crossover for the current *potterart competition :)

'cross a Harry Potter Trio with andother trio from another story/manga/anime or whatever. the persons HAVE to be associated as a trio or a group.'
said something like that haha I don't quite remember the exact words but it should be smth like that lol.

sorry for the crappy Background - I suck at BGs lol

hope you guys like it ^^

for the people whom it is not obvious for:
Hermione as Sakura
Harry as Sasuke
and Ron as Naruto

took me a freaking long time to colour - I really can't see it anymore hahaha

[edit] 21.02.2008
I just noticed... I WON! MUUUAAHAHAHAHAHHAAAARRRGH :evillaugh: soooo cool totally freakin thrillin' my ass off here haha ><
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bond674's avatar
the eye colours are wrong but otherwise i love this
JillAndersen's avatar
they're not. :P although I'm not sure about Ron. Can't remember what eye colour he has.
bond674's avatar
they are.... Harry's eyes are supposed to be green.....!
bond674's avatar
or maybe i should have zoomed first..... O_O
JillAndersen's avatar
hahaha! yeah you should have lol because they totally ARE green. :giggle: no worries though - happens ;)
yaoiluvr13's avatar
I love how you put them as crossover people (Hermione as Sakura, Harry as Sasuke and Ron as Naruto). They fit their positions, in my opinion. I'm a Naruto FREAK and I absolutely love this.
JillAndersen's avatar
haha thank youuu!! ~~~ :heart:
I did this for a crossover contest actually :) I totally Won too MUAHAHAHA ^^

that reminds me, I seriously should partake in some contests again - it's awesome practice
yaoiluvr13's avatar
I would love to see more stuff for contests from you! And congrats on winning!
JillAndersen's avatar
thank you! yeah I really wanna do more contests and challenges and stuff anyway - coz those are usually the pieces I put the most work int and therefore also my best ones >.>
soo yeah, if everything goes as planned, you might get to see more contest stuff within the year!
piece out :heart:
yaoiluvr13's avatar
Well then I'll be waiting to see more of your stuff. Good luck with future contests.
Zonida's avatar
i take this as jk's style :D very nice!
xxIgnisxx's avatar
BA HA HA HA HA I love Ron-Naruto! xD :D
Wow. It looks incredible. The background doesn't look that bad. It is adds an air of mystery to the picture
Aja-Mujinga-Sherrard's avatar
I love this. Hermione makes a badass Sakura...but Naruto > Ron, unfortunately. haha
rueslullaby's avatar
....oh god. i LOVE THIS!!
redrose-melody's avatar
I never saw Harry look THAT badass XD
JillAndersen's avatar
hahaha thank you <3 :giggle:
redrose-melody's avatar
You're welcome^^

They look more badass as ninjas XD
Jenshia's avatar
this made me lol so hard you have no idea!
JillAndersen's avatar
haha glad i could amuse you! ^^ :heart:
MuganVonHellscream's avatar
OMG O,o Idon't know wiether to congratulate you... or cry in a corner... This seems nice but wrong...I'm leaning towards the corner.
Hogwartsinsouthpark's avatar
Hermione suits Sakuras clothes way better than sakura ever gonna do xD love it^^
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