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A Rose By Any Other Name...


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Pokemon - Greninja


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The Root Chakra


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30 Day Sketch Challenge Template By Gnewi-d9dfhuw


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Drumsticks - colored!

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She Wears Her Anger Like A Jacket


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A Rose By Any Other Name...


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2018 Tusal

2018 - A Year of Many Finishes

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31 Day Challenge #29 - Practice

This month has certainly afforded me a lot of practice – in art, writing, thinking, questioning and even just seeing.  I mean, really seeing things.  It’s not just I work and then I’m home with the occasional little things here and there…I feel like writing every day has helped let my mind say whatever it wants has really given me some practice in just being honest.  Being honest with and to myself.  It’s weird but true.  The obvious practice in art has also been helpful and though I still have bit of artist block on prompt #28, I really feel I’ve taken a huge leap and learned a lot from the experience.  Th

31 Day Writing Challenge - Five Minute Fridays

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FMF: Unknown

There has always been so much unknown in my life but so much fantasy in my head.  I don’t know when I ever started being realistic about anything and that I’ve always seen as a problem.  I have always felt I never really fully grew up and there are days when I wonder if I really ever would’ve made it on my own. Being the youngest does have some disadvantages:  family look at you as always being the baby and never truly give you a chance to do things yourself.    They may if they see you show talent but when it comes to basic living needs, mess up one time and gaining that trust that they think you can do other things on your

Five Minute Fridays

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