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Dragon Birthstone SAL - December/Turqoise



Dragon #12 in the Birthstone Dragon SAL:…

OMG!  It's the last one!  I finally made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was having quite a bit of art/craft blah-ing and after the wedding couple and having to travel across country not too long after that, I was having quite a bit of burnout of everything: crafts, work, home life, etc.  It's not that I've stopped liking/loving these parts of my life, it's just I was very, very tired.  So December was a bit of a push for me, but I was motivated by the fact he was the last one and I'd finally be done!

There were actually two different stones for December and, as always, my daughter and I picked different stones to do.  She always seems to win, though, not only by being stubborn, but actually by reasoning it out.  It's a little disconcerting that my 7 year old daughter can already reason me out of decisions. What's going to happen when she reaches her teens? Eyepopping 

Okay, enough about me, we need to get on with the dragons.  DRAGON!  December is known as a "Lindworm".  Never heard of them!  They are from various areas of Europe.  One reason they seem to be called "worm" is because their "legs" are actually arms!  They slither on the ground like snakes, their arms helping them to crawl.  They are also poisonous like snakes!  According to the designer's description, they are featured in British Heraldry, so you may have recognized them even if you didn't know their name!

December had the option of Turquoise or Blue Zircon.  I had wanted the Blue Zircon but El picked the Turquoise because it was "prettier" being more colorful (didn't we have this argument with the October dragon???) and "Turquoise is your favorite color Mommy!"  Once I stitched it I had to admit I liked how he turned out.  The colors are a lot brighter than the pattern or example picture.  Sometimes that little bit of light can make all the difference.

So that's it!  The last dragon!  Can't believe I finally made it! :faint:

Pattern by InglesideImaginarium
14 count Oatmeal Aida
DMC 310 - Black
DMC 741 - Med Tangerine
DMC 3811 - V Lt Turquoise
DMC 3838 - Dk Lavender Blue
DMC 3839 - Med Lavender Blue
DMC 3844 - Dk Bright Turquoise
DMC 3846 - Lt Bright Turquoise
DMC 3854- Med Autumn Gold
DMC B5200 - Snow White

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yay CONGRATULATIONS :D Loks beautiful :)