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Dragon Birthstone SAL - August/Peridot


The seventh dragon in the Birthstone Dragon SAL:…
This is what the designer had to say about her: " the Quetzalcoatl, or the "feathered serpent," a dragon type entity worshiped as the god of wind (and arts and crafts!) in the Aztec and Mayan culture."

Pretty Cool!  She is my birth month and it was exciting to find out what sort of dragon she would be!  I had never heard of the Quetzalcoatl, even though I had studied a bit of Aztec and Mayan culture in college. Still, I think there is something beautiful and sleek about her - very self confident!

I had finally got craft/art withdrawal and finally went stitching, crocheting, (and some drawing), crazy.  Work has been crazy and looks like it will get worse.  Even though I'm mentally/physically exhausted at night, I still am overcome with the need to do SoMETHING!  (I've been working through my lunch breaks so, no stitching time there for me! :()   So, night time it is! 

I peeled through this like a bad guy through a red light.  I never felt so good in a long time!  Anyways, I've finished a few more things since her (they just aren't "Finished" finished) and am already halfway through Sept's dragon.  El is excited - he is her birth month dragon and he's a cutie!  She was very excited when she got to see the pattern (she was in love with May's and wanted him to be her dragon!) and has been bugging me the last half year to get him stitched! Well, she'll get her wish probably next week - I still have a few other projects to finish that I've been working on at the same time.  Those late nights of crafting are probably NOT helping work, oh but they make me feel better!

Pattern by:  InglesideImaginarium
14ct Oatmeal Aida

DMC 310 - Black
DMC 742 - Lt Tangerine
DMC 743 - Med Yellow
DMC 905 - Dk Parrot Green
DMC 906 - Med Parrot Green
DMC 907 - Lt Parrot Green
DMC 3846 - Lt Bright Turquoise
DMC B5200 - Snow White
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Hi Gayle!  I'm back to let you know that I've featured your work again, this time in a post called August Birthstone Dragons by Various Artists on my dragon artwork blog (with proper attribution and links back, of course).  I love this adorable baby Quetzacoatl dragon! 

Also -- you are a bad influence, it turns out!  I actually bought a few bookmark stitch kits while on vacation, not that I know when I'll have any time to do them!  But after seeing your work month after month, I got the stitch-itch again!  Anyway, as always you can find me at Writing Dragons, and this feature here.  Keep up the great work!