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FAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHaku FAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHaku
[Version #2] [link]

So...I was talking with :iconookamixkodomoxkaji: the other day and I said I failed as a girl. Mostly because I keeps asking my friend how she can tie her hair up in a high ponytail.

Personally, I tie my hair in a very low ponytail. If I tie it up high,then my hair gets completly messed up

Not only for that reason,I dont wear lipstick/gloss, skirts, pink, bows, I like the opposite

No offence to girls who do all that stuff, Im just saying that Im not what people expect from a girl.

Anyway this stamp is for any girl out there who shares the glory~!........yes that is lipstick in the stamp XD

[Edit] Woah!Holy shit!I only posted this last night and 14 faves already!?I never knew people felt so strongly about this XD

[Edit #2] HOSHIT 100 FAVES :iconimhappyplz:

[Edit #3] 1000 FAVS~! :iconkermityayplz: Thank you everyone who favorited and commented on this stamp! But honestly, credit for the quote "Fail as a girl" goes to :iconookamixkodomoxkaji:

[Final Edit] When I say fail as a girl, I mean fail to meet the stereotypes that society portrays a girl as. You can be girly or a tomboy, I doesn't matter. All that matters is that you love yourself for who YOU are and not what others want you to be. No, I'm not saying being girly is a bad thing.

This stamp wasn't intended to gets so much favs or views, it was something I made a couple years ago through complete and utter boredom. As you can see from the many grammar mistakes at the beginning, I was very naive and annoying with this, parading around with arrogance, boldly stating the fact that I was a tomboy. That was then, now I'm more comfortable with myself and who I am to not be so naive. No, I'm not saying that I'm not into girly things to be "cool", I am saying that because it is me and I am human, and as a human, I have the right to be comfortable with my own body and who I am.

Yes, it can be very hard sometimes. Especially if you have negative influence from your peers or family members. All I can say to you is, it gets better. Yes, it is a very cliche saying and I'm you've all heard it many times, but it is true.

I'm saying all of this because I've disabled the comments and most of them consisted of questions pertaining to the above. I really appreciate you stopping by here to look/fav this stamp and reading this.

This isn't all that's in my gallery though, I'd appreciate it much more if you'd take the time to look at my artwork, thank you very much. ;) :heart:

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April 30, 2009
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