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I fidgeted with the volume knob only to find that I really couldn’t hear anything on my pc. “That damn vendor of mine, if I could then surely I would turn him into an ass, why would he be so bad to me, I did pay him so much!”, I kept going through this over and over again. I triple checked the sockets behind the “machine” and then finally settled down into working without the headphones.
Couple of minutes later, I forgot all about the sound and the vendor, I was on DA! I was going though the daily ritual of checking messages and writing back, answering some polls and getting amused in between. Once in a while I found some great piece which I had to fav and had to write mushy comments about. Lastly, I opened the features, it had great pieces but one stood out, it was a flash thingie.
“Wow, I never saw a flash piece there, did I?”, I thought. I quickly opened it and there was nothing on flash thingie, it was, er.., all black. Then, I thought maybe, just maybe it was all sound and no picture. “Disgusting!, now they made a flash that way?”
I ranted some more about the sound not working and stuff, till I got on to the page of one of my coolest buddies here. She had a brand new deviation, which was strangely titled, “# 39112”. That was pretty odd, for all the other deviations with bubbly titles, shouting cutie-pies and lullabys. “Never mind it, she must have been too tired to think of anything”, I thought. I opened that deviation, and I just screamed, it was that same flash thingie with a black screen, and probably some sound which in all His goodness I couldn’t hear. That was really a shock, would you expect it twice?
“Oh, leave it alone”, I was murmuring. I should go look elsewhere. How about sending goodwill messages for all the comments on my page? At least that seemed rational. I scrolled down to find lots of messages from someone I didn’t know, it was asking me to check out his(or maybe her) new deviation. The guy seemed really desperate. I thought I would oblige, and opened that deviation, now hold your breath, it was not a coincidence anymore, another deviation with a number as a title and all that I had gone through before.
I quickly closed Firefox, I think I was breathless, was it me or was it something wrong with DA. I waited for what seemed like hours, and got the courage to open DA, “I am just over reacting” I assured myself. I think I shivered when I hit the browse button, and closed my eyes when I saw what turned up. Every single deviation on the browse page was black and all were those flash thingies. I gathered myself and thought I have to report it to someone, maybe something’s wrong here, its not April as yet.
I went to the admin chat and wrote “I think my browser is creating a nuisance, but do you have any idea about some flash voodoo like thing doing rounds here?”. The answer was short and precise, and it cut though my courage, now I couldn’t stand near that “machine” anymore.
The answer was “Don’t reveal the voodoo thing to anyone, #8692261. Just wait for further orders. You have to follow the rules very exactly in Bot Land, you know what I mean?”
Now my face had turned pale and my fingers felt weak, “The Bots had finally succeded in… “ I stopped the thought in between to rush off and pull the power chord out of the socket.
As a kid I was always afraid of the machines. I would be careful not to cross in front of a parked car. What if it saw me and turned on and then cruelly chase me off to .. well, I’d like to cut those horrific details down.
Now, today I had this weird idea about DA turning into a bot-land.
Imagine, if there were really a strange virus, hidden inside a DD, which when heard would turn people into mere bots!
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October 25, 2005
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