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February 29, 2004
If you are a fan of Giger then there is no way that you could ever get enough of Kluster by ~jigit. Check out the rest of his gallery to catch a glimpse of a master at work.
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another oldish one. it was supposed to be a follow up to "Hernia", but i never got around to finishing it 'til recently
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Hey just like me, i love this piece and all the other work youve done, how do you do it, paint photoshop??
jigit's avatar
it's all photoshop. mixed technique and a lot of time
phoenixtattoos's avatar
Obviously alot of time, im really really impressed, die digitalgiger, salute you brother
GorgingOnChunks's avatar
Incredible. Very Gigeresque
Iron-Fox's avatar
very nice and freaky in a way.
it's like an exoskeleton and skin
AOPaul's avatar
Definitely following Giger's color pallate to a T. I noticed it from just the thumbnail before even clicking! Now if only the guys doing the movies would do the same.
Nyro's avatar
stunningly beautiful. if scissorhands and hans ruedi giger would collaborate, something like this would be the result =)
ekud's avatar
i love it, its perfect, marked with your indelible, unmistakable, inimitable style.

heaven in a world of imitation.

would you be interested in releasing some of your abstract with depthcore? we could use a masters touch....
jigit's avatar
hey thanks man. yeah i'd love to contribute something to depthcore in the future.

ekud's avatar
excellent, do you want to give me an email address? we'll add you to the site so you can upload your submissions!
aspius's avatar
wow, textures makes me crazy! Impressive work! :D
fantasio's avatar
didn´t know why i never commented on this before, but i have to say, very good use of fractals here;-)

me likes very much!
astarot's avatar
im amazed again well you made something to make me study again :) :+fav:
sagenlicht's avatar
man, you really do kick the living crap out of every other artist in this kind of style :P
jsenn's avatar
I marvel at your talent in bringing this piece to life and always I've marveled in your imagination.
Dryft's avatar
Very nice man! :clap:

:+fav: ;)
trevor-gfx's avatar
deeplly... Meow ;-)
yawn2oo's avatar
and he steps back into the light - briefly.

glad to see some work from you bro. this is sexy as usual. quite organic, almost fractal-like.

nuvem's avatar
Hey bro:)
Thats you in there for sure, impressive gfx.

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Oh, stunning it really reminds me of the movie Alien for some reason, the detail is incredible.
pillargraphicdesign's avatar
another great piece.....astonished as always :)
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