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this is smooth dark and dangerous :P what a piece of art..its amazingly beautiful..i like the dark tone.!!
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AOPaul|Professional Digital Artist
your art just raped my eyes... but in a good way.
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seveneves's avatar
I've been searching for this for a while, I remember seeing it when I joined deviantART. Excellent piece, I love it.
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very nice =p
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Thiink-Abowt's avatar
Very cool abstract-like pic. It looks like something you'd find inside a mammal...
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reminds me of sepultura.
very cool piece. great job.
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GUDsine|Professional Digital Artist
holy canola oil thas awesome!!! i wanna see you pick up an airbrush! i bet you could school me on some sheit! :+fav:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
blah blah blah giger blah, giger blah blah blah giger blah blah blah....cuz thats all i hear from people!!!
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deadspine's avatar
wow dude...im VERY impressed with the level of care and skill in these. Your style really gets me, kinda reminds me of some of my shit, but better.
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once again a gr8 picture :worship:
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ex-Balanque's avatar
awesom, incredible , +fav
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isky's avatar
oooh - there is something so smooth and almost ...hmmm... well, sensual about this. i love it.
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gearlock's avatar
wonderfull piece
great job :D :+fav:

(how do you do these things ;) ?)
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trib|Hobbyist Digital Artist
A strange mix this one ... almost organic metal looking as though it's dripping or oozing through the background, but surriunded by very hard linear pipes etc. Somehow, both halves work alone, but seem to subtract something from eachother .... it intrigues me.

Your draughtsmanship is superb, the balance is good, I liked it as soon as I saw the thumbnail ... and I knew I would as soon as I saw your avatar ...
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I like this slightly more than Ulysses, probably because it's darker, and there are hidden details lurking in the shadows of this wonderful piece. The whole textures don't make it that oganic, but have a more solid look, which I prefer... really cool! And the style is perfect, which is needless to say ;)
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that is the most gourgeuse shape i've sceen in a long time, so fetial like, and at the same time cold and alien.

awesome work!

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aspius's avatar
Very "Gigeric" work, but ..... i love it :) (Smile)
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well, it's all been said, but I must say it! looks great! smooth. great colours. texturing. blending. lighting.

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scart's avatar
Fucking brill, feeling of being cocooned just looking at it, very smooth work

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playmobil's avatar
WOW... Great work... Has you used only Photoshop or some additional 3D tool...
Has you experimented airbrush paint on paper too? You have talent... your work makes reference to GIGER's work... very good
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enhypnion's avatar
deliciously biomechanoid, i love it.
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johann's avatar
Seems I'm late here but let me tell you I love your work...Giggle
Your airbrushing technique is superb =D (Big Grin)
Lots of imagination too 'cause the concept is really cool...
Looks like a tear! :) (Smile)
Great work Hug
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ljo's avatar
First piece of your work I've looked at - pretty flawless - have you
ever done work for set design for sci-fi movies ? If not, you should.
Amazing shapes and colors - metalic and alien but alive - kind of
like a nest or coccoon. Anyway, great work. Hope to see more of
your work tonight. Favorite.

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a-l-photographer|Hobbyist Photographer
i lvoe the textures and the shapes it just ets the mood of the whole picture..

gotta add to fav
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still trying to make up my mind as to what i should interperate this as. never the less, its very comfortable on the eye. has that very special "jigit-flair". great work man.
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