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SSBC: Lucario

Meep. I think it would be an OK choice. For the ones who doesn't know about it, Lucario is one of the new Pokémon for the next generation of the series (Pearl and Diamond, I think). At least it looks like a cool fighting-type, which I always wanted so badly.

And no, Lucario is not a legend, thankfully.... >_>
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Lucario's in SSBB you know, so I guess you'll be glad to hear that.
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Awesome! I love it! :D
Lucario is the English translation of Rucario, because Japanese can't say "L", they say "R" instead.

Anyway, good job Jiggly!
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To me Lucario loks a lot like the Egyptian lord of the dead, Anubis, but he's cool!
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Love your style, and the shading... (I can't do shading... sniff.)
Different-Poke-Club's avatar
I really like the image!
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I thought it was called Rucario, but maybe they changed it a little...Either way, you did a very good job on this! :)
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I love Lucario! He does look a bit too happy. If he won, he'd be more like Mewtwo, I think, always stiff and rather uncaring. Still, I like it! I like how shaded this and how you did the spikes.
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Hmm, that's pretty cool Jigglysama, I don't know how I feel about this 4th generation of Pokemon, but I think you drew this guy pretty well. :nod:
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Cool. But he looks happy there, he seems more like a serious guy. At least from the screenshots I've seen.
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I tried to make it in some sort of winpose here, so that's why it looks happier.
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