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SSBC: Gardevoir

Yet another character who needs a little explanation (seriously). Gardevoir is a Psychic-type Pokémon from the Ruby/Sapphire era and one of the most impresive looking ones, in my point of view.
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Tailikku1's avatar
Any time I see an image of her, you get the idea.
KirbyChan234's avatar
Awesome job. This is currently my fave pokemon, so you can guess why I think your style makes them look more awesome ^_^
jigglysama's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad that you liked this. Gardevoir is also one of my favorite Pokemon.
Zovesta's avatar
man I love pokemon
tenko72's avatar
Gardevoir is one of my favorites! So elegant and inncocent!
Rainbroach's avatar
Gardevoir is one of the greatest Psychic Pokemon I could ever ask for, plus it reminds me of myself in the way that I'm extremely protective of the ones I care about. I guess Pokemon and people arn't so different afterall... :aww:
mousekretopia's avatar
I think that Sableye's cooler. :d
Rubie's avatar
I need to play more current pokemon games >.> but I see your point. Gardevoir looks beautiful.
alexandrasalas's avatar
Gardevoir kicks ass. It's one of my favourite RuSaEm pokémon. And it looks cute in your style.
Tailikku1's avatar
I nominate her as a Zelda-clone in the next game!
Ultragamer42's avatar
According to the in-game coding, that was once the plan. As you can see, it never happened, though. Other planned-but-didn't-cut-it characters include Mewtwo, Toon Zelda, Minun and Plusle (which would control similarly to Ice Climbers), and some others I cannot recall at the moment.
Tailikku1's avatar
Dixie Kong, Roy, and Dr. Mario
Ultragamer42's avatar
Ah, yes. Them too.
GreatSaiyaKirby's avatar
Heh, I see you like Gardevoir too Jiggly? I think they're really good in the games, but I can't get my head around the name (what is it supposed to mean?) :D
jigglysama's avatar
The name "Gardevoir" is thought to originate from the words "guard" and "voir" (French, "to watch"). Bless you, Wikipedia!
GreatSaiyaKirby's avatar
I see, thanks Jiggly. :)
ksm's avatar
I thought about that, and the best explanation I can think of is:

They "guard" you so you can "endeavor" the fight.

So Gardivoir... or something. They are very protective of their trainers, or so the pokedex says, so who knows.
GreatSaiyaKirby's avatar
I see, that's probably as good as my guess would be. :nod:

Thanks for the insight Ksm. :)
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