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Feraligatr Kart

I was invited at The Daily POS forums into drawing all the Pokemon in group. I got to draw Feraligatr first and since I'm currently obssesed with Mario Kart... well, the result is pretty much obvious.

Didn't add much detail for this one, in fact, it was all done 100% in good old MS Paint. Might get scrapped unless people like this that much.

Side Note: Feraligatr is my favorite starter of them all. It's badass and its based off one of the coolest animals.

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this is so much pure win =D feraligatr is my favorite pokemon of all time, screw arceus, damn i wish i could change my username to saying insert name of pokemon ftw =D. you just made my day ^^. seeing this made me smile =)
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Mario: OH NO!!! MAMAMIA!!! D:

Feraligatr would beat Mario in 3 seconds if he had a blue shell with him :XD:
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feraligatr its my most faved of all :3
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lol why dont they have this in Mario Kart and let Feraligatr be all badass and represent Pokemon.
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Mario & Nintendo All Star Racing?
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Better then Sega & All Star racing (whatever the game was it sucked)
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:lmao: its awsome!
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Wooohoo time to pwn some ppl
"turtle shells goes ';piwwwwwww~' over my head"
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This is pure win!
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How amazing.

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I'd love to see this in a Mario Kart game.
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