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Pokemon: Charizard

By jiggly
Fifth $5.00 Pokemon commission over at the LJ Pokemon Community. Why did I do such cheap commissions? See here: [link]

Note: These $5.00 commissions are no longer being offered. The fundraiser has ended on June 1, 2008. The group I was helping raise money fundraised over $2,000! A big THANK YOU to everyone's support!

Charizard, Pokémon © Nintendo, Creatures, GAME FREAK
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© 2008 - 2021 jiggly
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When I looked at the thumbnail i thought he was smoking weed or something and getting high.
MegaCharizardValor's avatar
LOL How did you think that was the case?
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OMG, this Face is epic XD
wtdrmfrthwbzn's avatar
i saw this and couldn't look away. cutest mofo ever~!
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It's.... SO CUTE!
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OMG. It's cute. <3
UdonBullets's avatar
Totally the best part about being a fire type Pokémon! :D
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i didnt know u could make a charizard THAT cute! :)
Tooru-sama's avatar
How adorable >\\\< ♥
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Adoreble! :D I love Charizard!
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So cuute <3

Awesome work ^^
GJTProductions's avatar
"I can haz marzmallo?" :lol:
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Wow,I´ve never seen such a cute Charizard :3
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thats so cute!! i love it!!
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OMG soo cute >w<
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