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Happy Zapdos

Isn't he supposed to be angry all the time?! c:

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That face reminds me of "Dr Tran - Log Time" when the chicken goes up to the character and whispers "I'm going to kill you" XD
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OMG so cute!! x3
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Omg zapdos your awesome and he's happy lol :)
KoriMichele's avatar
OMG! So squishy looking! <3
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I like this Zapdos. If all legendary Pokemon looked this cute then maybe I would consider catching them all<3
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ffff it's so cute! I don't normally like zapdos, but this may make me reconsider.
Wow, awesome!!! You managed to capture him really well and make him look cute instead of pointy/scary. Great work :)
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Ahmagahd, so adorable. :D
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I think the lightening/foreboding background behind his chipper little face makes it ironic-looking.
XD Which is adorable. Chibi Zapdos for the win.
Electric types are always cool though. ;D You could say they have an /electrifying/ personality.
Bit of a /spark/.


...Love it. :>
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