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BW Pokemon Zodiac Calendar

A Pokemon Black&White version redo of an old piece

All Characters, Pokémon © Nintendo, Creatures, GAME FREAK
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© 2012 - 2021 jiggly
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Bouffalant isnt an ox hes a buffalo
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Whimsicott isnt a sheep, its a plant , but hey! Black and whites pretty cool, and so is this.
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in the last one, i was an Arcanine, and i see i'm a tiger in this one. but i don't know the name of the pokemon, nor do i kow if it's good. :|
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I'm a Minccino (Rattata in the previous) XD
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I´m a dragon!!
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It would be cool to be a reshiram or zekrom.
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A Rat, seriously.....
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Well, I was born in 1990 so, I guess I'd be a Blitzle.

That's cool because I liked Blitzle in Black & White.

And on the original chart, I would be a Ponyta. Heck yeah to that. Also, I guess I was born lucky/Because I hear that when you're born during the year of the horse, you are literally born lucky.
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This comment is to inform you that another deviant has uploaded your artwork seemingly without permission. Please view the offending deviation at the link below.


I have already reported this offense to deviantART. However, feel free to submit your own report for perhaps a quicker response.
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Thanks for the heads up! I reported it as well. Hopefully it gets taken down soon.
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im a blitzle................AW COME ON!!!!
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i'm an OX!! *crashes into u with puff afro*
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I'm the final evolution o' my favorite pokémon(Snivy) Epic, cute, and beautiful.
Keep up yar good work.

Anyway, I want to test something
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