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Immobile Nicki Minaj

No disrespect intended to the rapper.

Undeniably my biggest morph yet. I found this photo and couldn't help imagining some gigantic flab hanging down from that raised leg. Feedback and criticism is much appreciated.
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WOAH!!! is this reeal? holy smokes she has let herself go!! :)

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She looks like she's about to fall down and is at the point where she realizes that she has lost her equilibrium.
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Great edit, but geez Armin Arlert-01 [V5] 
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¯\_(ツ)_/¯    Lol. Thank you!
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Wooooah how'd you edit that big mess...its not being mean its like cuz she is fat...I think you get what I mean
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Most of it is original digital drawing; there's barely any of the original Nikki from the photo, other than her face.
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holy shit this is so fucking hot
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the fuck is wrong with you?
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Nice job with Nicki. She too fat for the chair. Would be nice to have the original pic please?
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I'll post some before-and-afters soon!
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Okay also I really love Taylor Swift eating a burger pic. Do you have the original pic of Taylor Swift eating a burger pic? Also it would be nice to do Anna Kendrick and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow please?
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I already posted the original one! And I might do those eventually, sure.
Damn! Goodthing nobody was sitting on that chair.
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Thanks! But do we know that for sure? Who knows if we'd even be able to see them from under all that butt...
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Well damn!  Amazing work with Nicki.
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