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Emma Watson 2

>Emma Watson (Size: 1280x800)
>Note: This picture was maybe my favorite of Emma new and fabulous photoshoot !! Unfortunately, this pics was cut in two part in the middle and i had join them for this wall !!! Like always, it's not perfect, but well... I don't mind, she's still gorgeous !!!

>>> IMPORTANT : I don't own neither Emma Watson or the Pictures I use to do those wallpapers SO : I DON'T DO PRINT ! Thank you.
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a beautiful image of the fairytale princess but what happened to her other leg?
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Under the dress maybe ;)
abriony's avatar
maybe she's really an amputee but hides the fact.?
I've been looking for a drawing/pictures of Emma for a while now.
anyone of u have an idea how i can get one?
amazon or similar shops only shows shit :D
for example i would love it, if there is the possibility to buy this one or if someone has an idea where i can get one like this :P
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She's so beautiful «3
Too bad what she did with her hair.
the-inner-me's avatar
Is this a picture, or an art piece? LOVE IT! <3 <3 Emma!
Jiexica's avatar
Just a picture ;) (but she's so gorgous she's totally an art piece !!)
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I agree with everyone that thinks Emma looks like a beautiful princess from a fairytale.
the-inner-me's avatar
Well, duh! SHE IS! <3 <3
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beautiful. shes my role model <3

forget finn and jake, fiona and cake are epic AND YA KNOW IT :meow:
Julibee-Darling's avatar
She looks like a fairy that's been kidnapped and raped by a demon prince. Love it!!
Jiexica's avatar
Raped ? xD like the fairy idea thoug ;p
the-inner-me's avatar
Haha lol, but not raped! That just makes it awkward!
Jiexica's avatar
totally !!!!!
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^_^ I love Emma
the-inner-me's avatar
Who doesn't? Haha lol =P
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i didn't know it was a two part picture till i read the description, well done :) and omg i adore her ^_^ the most beautiful humble person ever!
she looks like a princess who was magicly dropped out a fairytale ^__^
Jiexica's avatar
Oh my goood !!! This is sooo true !!!!!!
Lorettt's avatar
she´s really princess, I admire her!
payal-aditi's avatar
thank u so much .
i love her tooo much
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