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Verin Mathwin in Emond's Field

By Jieroque
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Verin Mathwin, my first digital painting ever. This, after not painting anything at all for more than TEN years (!)
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theoswald's avatar
This is awesome!
Achitka's avatar
Verin is a woman of awesome - thanks for taking the time to make this.
bluecreekphotography's avatar
Verin is my favorite character... I love how you have represented her here... wonderful lines and I love how it looks like you are in the middle of the action.  Thanks for sharing this!
Jieroque's avatar
Thank you as well! I must say that this being my first completed digital painting, the details are a bit off, but I'm glad you liked it. 
Zara-Arletis's avatar
Nice!  Verin was always my favorite character.  This is such a great image of her.  Thanks for sharing it :D
Jieroque's avatar
Thank you very much! I hope I can repaint her in the future, and probably see more refinement, since this one was the start of my digital painting spree :)
Zara-Arletis's avatar
That's great ^_^  I'd love to see what you will do.  
coreylansdell's avatar
Like it! That's a good depiction of Verin. Interesting use of contrast in the piece.
Jieroque's avatar
Thank you! Though I find this one a bit rugged, and I think I used way too much black :P
Gravityeater's avatar
I love it! Verin was one of my favorite Aes Sedai
Jieroque's avatar
Thank you! She's a favorite as well, somewhat next to Nynaeve :)
joshuarmour15's avatar
well done. I applaud you.
Jieroque's avatar
Thank you so much!
LostOddity's avatar
This is marvellous! I love the combination of action/battle with the calm control of Verin. She is just amazing. <3
Jieroque's avatar
Thanks! I would have added a mounted Tomas if I knew how to draw a horse! :D
LostOddity's avatar
Aww, that would have been a marvellous addition, but it's true - animals do seem hard to draw! I still love the picture as a focus of Verin's badassery though. XD
hermasci's avatar
Beautiful. I love how you painted the Trollocs. And the sky is amazing
Jieroque's avatar
Thank you! Though I rushed to paint the trollocs, my fingers were getting stiffy!
Braendyn's avatar
Wow, well done, and Verin is so rarely seen.
Jieroque's avatar
Thanks! I'd like to do more of Verin once I get the chance :)
Braendyn's avatar
Awesome. I love Verin! She's bad-ass and a double agent, which is amazing really.
Irino's avatar
Verin is my favourite Aes Sedai. She looks so badass here! I'm loving it. :D
Jieroque's avatar
Thank you, Irino!
Elmida's avatar
Brown Ajah, fuck yeah!
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