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And so I used a new style for now, and it turns out, I'm loving it - though it takes some getting used to. The lines are cleaner, and the flesh tones are more defined - as I followed this little tutorial… from *me-illuminated Thank you so much, Mominur!


This is a scene from Towers of Midnight, where Egwene confers with three Aes Sedai atop the Tower. Although it is a blink-and-miss-it, boring scene, I found it quite appealing to me as a testament of loyal, senior Aes Sedai accepting Egwene's authority.

From left to right are, Seaine Herimon, Yukiri and Saerin Asnobar. I wanted to get the ageless look right (unidentifiable age between 25 - 40) in contrast to Egwene's youthful face. Maybe you can zoom in and see if I got some of the agelessness right. Oops, careful the file is big, might get your eyes poked :)

Also, earrings depict nationality!

(Egwene actually is NOT my favorite character. I can simply relate to her more with the experience, status, and over-all character development. Like what Siuan said, I actually don't like her - she reminds me too much of myself!)
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Keep up the good WOT art, it beats Game of Thrones in my opinion. Kinda thought the Aes Sedai on the left was giving me the finger at first glance. Still an awesome piece though.
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One of the best,if not the best, Aes Sedai artwork!!!I really love that you take time to work on minor characters.Please do more with Aes Sedai!!!
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Thank you!!! That's quite flattering :) I'm looking into working on a big scene with lots of Aes Sedai as my 'Season-ender', since I'll be having less time after. Hope I could do it, but if not, I'll just insert a minor character or two every now and then.
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oh... WOW...
this is an amazing piece of art.
I think this is the first time I've seen any of those 3 Aes Sedai depicted - and I love all three of them.
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Thank you! I'm planning something for the Salidar Six too, but I'm not yet that confident. But stay tuned, more Aes Sedai coming! :D
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Wow! Awesome piece of work. Artwork I mean. I really love how the three Aes Sedai in the background look so similar and yet not the same, whereas Eg really is the younger one. Great job! I don't remember enough details about this scene to be able to provide some constructive criticism, so you'll just have to do with praise I guess:P. I think I find Eg's dress slightly odd, but I can't remember her dresses ever being described in such detail, other than the embroidery (vines, leafs, birds, that sort of thing) and the colour (I think she wore green often, because of the Ajah she would have chosen, but I can't remember clearly). I love how you did her hair though, and I wish more of her hairdo was visible in the picture. It makes her look regal, together with the eaglewings earrings (clearly a reference to Manetheren?). Anyway, I think this is one of the best Aes Sedai paintings I've seen in a long time and I wish there were more, as they fascinate me the most of the whole WoT series. Makes me wish I could paint half as well:P.
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Thank you ~DeborahBeeuwkes for the lovely comment! I wanted Egwene to have this 'imperial' style, and wanted her clothes to make her look 'bigger'. I was looking at 'Amidala' costumes and tried to make a simpler robe style :) You can say that the clothes I put them in are heavily influenced by Asian and Star Wars! I also thought that the way to highlight youth with a hairdo was a sort of 'high-ponytail', but the top should be a 'crest' of sorts to make it look like a crown, so there's the result. Glad you noticed the eagle earrings, and yes you are right about the reference!
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Ah right! It does make more sense to me now:) the asian/star wars style I mean. I love Star Wars, so I can't be too bothered with it actually:P. I think I'll keep staring at it for a few minutes longer.. It really does inspire me to keep on reading (currently at book six for the second time:P)
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May I ask why you went for such Oriental style dresses for three of them? I remember Nynaeve wearing a kimono style gown, a new fashion in Arad Doman, but apart from that... Just wondering is all :)
I too would like to see more differentiation and character in the background three as they are such different women. Though I love how tiny Yukiri is next to Seaine! Saerin looks the least like herself (I love Yukiri's hair); she doesn't look Altaran at all. Her skin is the same shade as the others when she is stated to have olive skin, her hair is brown instead of black, and you can barely see her scar. I'd really like to see an Altaran dress on her as well. 
Oh, and Eg's eyes aren't what you'd call big, as they're described. But each character has a different and clear expression, which is great to see - Saerin's is especially reminiscent of her personality. 

But those EARRINGS! What an achievement and great idea. Subtle and gorgeous. I love little details like that. Despite my (hopefully) constructive criticism, this really is a good piece of work.
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Wow, thank you for such a very interesting comment, it really is constructive! I chose oriental style clothes for them, because I somehow felt silk (and other flowy fabrics) can be shown wonderfully in this fashion. Also, since the White Tower is a priest-like organization, I felt that oriental style clothing has a somewhat 'meditative' quality to them. Monastic, you might say. But of course, it really is just a manner of expression, so I think I'd explore other fashions as well :)

I must admit, it was hard getting Saerin's complexion - the olive shade didn't mix well with the composition - kinda looked a little dull, and I've yet to practice doing skin... Oh, and the scar - yeah, it's kinda small there!

Thank you Rowena-Silver! Now I'd love to study olive skin, and how to do it... hmmm, who could be a nice Altaran character to paint?
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I'm so pleased you found anything I said helpful. I'm such a terrible nitpick, I have to constantly be reminded about artistic license! 
Ah, of course, I'm a little embarrassed now - I have no idea how difficult it is to blend these colours and lighting, yet I ignorantly criticise. 
Tylin would be the obvious, but I don't like the woman so why not give Beslan some screen time? Or Myrelle, she'll be quite well-known. Tylin would be better for a more classic Altaran look, however, as from what I remember Myrelle doesn't often wear the fashions of her homeland, and I'd love to see such a gown - you know, with the front hooked up to expose terribly bright petticoats, then the detail of her marriage knife with the different coloured stones for her sons... Ah, to be an artist!
(I'm still loving your jewellery detail, it's unique to you and such a delightful idea)
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Ah don't worry, it's all good - I like knowing other people's insights and impressions, it allows me to grow :) I'd love to do a Myrelle soon, but I may have to think of a nice scene with her first. I think *EdselArnold has done a Tylin, with an Altaran dress here:…
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Ah yes, but she's as pale as Mat! Like the gown though.

You could mix it up and do the scene with Nynaeve demanding Myrelle... Er, have you read them all? Death to spoilers! ;)
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Brilliant portraits here!  I do think Yukiri and Saerin's faces look a bit too similar, but I really love the new style you're working with.  It's very emotive and fluid.
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Thank you! I was doing them both at almost the same time too, kinda switching here and there, so I think the similarity was the by-product. I'll try to mould difference faces in the future too, kinda hard when trying to shift into a different style ;-). But thanks for saying! I love emotion and fluidity!
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Love your style! I'm looking forward to seeing more WoT scenes from you =D
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Thank you! It's far from polished, and I'm using WoT as my learning platform, so I've got a ton more scenes in my to do list :)
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I imagined Yukiri as more petite one BUT EGWENE *o*
(and I love that Seaine is showing us a middle finger xD)
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Mwahaha, congratulations! I was actually waiting for someone to point out Seaine! I never realised the form until after I put highlights, and I was like - waaait a minute! Should I put mature content? :-))
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Well, after all she WAS right about the higher-ups Aes Sedai to do something bad (like detronizing Siuan xD) so she has the right to stand there and show everyone "see, bitches? I. WAS. RIGHT. You should listen to me, when I was speaking interesting things while you were worrying about getting a Warder, yes, Yukiri, I'm talking about YOU." xD
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Agree. These were like rebels of their own actually. A commanding scholar, a down-to-earth diplomat, and a strong-willed philosopher, along with Pevara, a man-loving Red and... well, Doesine was like... a tall Cairhienin? (lol)
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