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Sorry for the long wait, but I finally managed to make my redesign of the second turtle, Raphael. Raphael has always been the hot-headed turtle of the group and I sort of imagined him to be a lone wolf type of character. Kinda like the one in the CG movie, only this time he's more ruthless and serious.

Hope ya like.


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He's my favorite turtle, only because of his passion for life and the protection of his brothers.  I would imagine without Leonardo's leadership and Splinter's guidance, Raphael would become a ruthless, cold killer.  Thank goodness he has his brothers and their individual qualities to help temper him and smooth down the sharp edges that seem his alone among the four.  Good job on the art.
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Very cool 
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Raphael was always my favoite Ninja Turtle, this art shows how serious Raph can be and that's why I like his charater. :)
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Hey, thanks! Glad you appreciated it!
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I love this piece! It reminds me of Raphael so much and there's a hole story hidden behind it! Love the shading!! c:
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raph with a cap y'all
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This has to be one of my favorites of all time. :) 
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Glad you liked it!
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This looks really cool!
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look epik! well done
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omg yeshhh duskie u epic at finding pics 
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Its a gift. A very creepy gift. X3
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Yes. very creepy AND AMAZING
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Awesome! Raph is my favourite ninja turtle by far.
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