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I support Advanced Critique

I did that so much time ago, and now I think it's probaly the worst stamp in the whole word XD well, it's my first stamp. I'm sure there are some other out there for advanced critique, but well, I did that for myself mainly XD
So, yeah, I support advanced critiques :3
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I really appreciate your use of yellow in your stamp, it promotes positive feedback. I'm also liking the way that you use anti-aliasing with the large letters. The yellow in the letters seems to be the same color that is on the left side of your stamp, though. If you wanted to go for the appearance of the text being directly on the stamp on the left and floating on the right side, then I think that you successfully managed to get that effect, it makes a nice impact to the casual viewer, and I also appreciate the fact that you made sure that the background is transparent, I've seen many stamps that, although there's a good idea behind them, they have a white background, and therefore discourage using those stamps.
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I'm stopping by to let you know I like your stamp. It's clean, straightforward, polite. I'm going to add it to my stamp collection and use it in my journal too. Thank you for sharing.
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Definitely not the worst stamp in the whole world! Simple, and gets the message across quickly. I'll be using it in the future :D
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Agreed! :thumbsup: They make everyone's day and not only that, Both the artist and the one who gives critique get the fact that they have learned something for themselves. :)
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I think it's pretty. :3
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why you said its 'worst stamp'? i like it. i'll put it in my journal. :D
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This is true =)
Nice stamp.

Though most "critique" I recieve is mostly about peoples personal tastes.

there should be a stamp like that if there isn't already.
"I don't mind feedback but personal taste is not critique"
or something.
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:#1: Yay! I've added this to my stamp collection.
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Precious stamp!
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I'd like to give an advance critique to this stamp. :)
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This stamp's awesome... ;3
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The worst stamp in the world just got 164 favourites!
I don't really know a lot about stamps, but this one looks just a little bit plain; maybe if you inserted an emoticon or a glittery frame it would look better :)
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEN! Thank God for critiques! Without critiques where would we be? Well we'd be fascist art-poser dictators commencing our fantards to do our evil bidding. :devil: Ok I just had to get that off my chest. Favorited, and appreciated.
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Just stopped by to let you know I'm using this stamp in my journal. Thanks for providing it!
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I like the stamp and will use it one my shout board &/0r journal.
Thank you.
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This is an awesome stamp. xD Perfect!
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Will be using this one :D Great work!
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Using in my journal. Thanks. ^^
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I like it! Nice work :+fav:
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And encourage we shall.
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soo true.... great work ^^
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It's not the worst stamp. X3
I think it's simple and pretty. Stamps and pictures don't need to be flashy all of the time.
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Can I feature this here [link] ? I'd use it if I had a subscription, I'll have to put only the link though. Is that okay with you?
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sure, go ahead, thank you so much for doing so :D!
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