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Ties of Friendship

The long awaited sequel to…

:star: Questions :star:

How long did this take you?
Around 70 hours were spent working on this on and off over 2 months.

What program did you use?
I used Paint tool SAI to draw this, and PS Elements 5 to put the image together because the max canvas size in SAI is only 10000px tall.

Can I use this in a fanvid/fanfic/icon, or print this out?
Of course! You can print it for yourself, for a friend, etc. As long as the usage is non-commercial and isn’t garnering money. Credit is appreciated but not necessary!

Season 3?

Lastly, I have a Paypal button over here. I worked really hard over the past two months to get this done before I head back to school, and tips would be much appreciated.

Hope you enjoy!

EDIT: Thank you for the comments, faves, and thank you so much for the tips, I'm glad to know this sequel's appreciated! :heart: Cheers!

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Wonderful sequel to the first! 70 hours, I believe it. Turned out beautifully.
Prince-Polaris's avatar
Have you done anymore season summaries?
ph0220's avatar
So no more season long images?
deafdood's avatar
I really do wish you'd do the later seasons as well.  There are others who do this, but it's just not on the level of your art.
ninllot's avatar
¿no aras la 3?
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I saw your "Friendship is Magic" (Season1), then I saw this...I cried, out, loud......There's so much information in these two pictures, it's so touching and heartwarming. These two pieces made me think...a lot, I thought about the plot of every episode, the lesson every episode taught me, and the connections between episodes and seasons...YOUR TITLE WAS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, there were lots of twists and turns in Season 2 indeed.


I look forward for Season3 version.
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:wow: I have no words to express how wonderful this is! Truly brilliant. :thumbsup:
TheOneButcher's avatar
The best MLP Artwork.
SilverTheSerperior's avatar
this brought back memories
BokunZhao's avatar
oO-Ender-Girl-Oo's avatar
*-* I am speechless... <3
this is awesome!
Faithfeather's avatar
this is absolutely amazing :3
TheBadGrinch's avatar
JusSonic's avatar
So any chance we will see something like this for Seasons 3 and 4, as well as the Equestria Girls films?
alexacana's avatar
Its as if you've created a story, or depicted the shows entire meaning in your work. Absolutely beautiful <3
MjaxMajoran's avatar
Man I think at this point I would literally PAY you to do Season 3 and 4
Requius76's avatar
deafdood's avatar
Me three.  Why stop here?
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