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that was a good song!
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I gave you flowers

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This is so. Cute! My name actually is lillie
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this makes you smile by looking at it!
great job making this.
It brightens up my day when I see it.Love Clap 
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Smile smile smile!!! That song is nice, takes out the depression and makes you feel better yes... The size of this lol looks like a CD cover art album. It's the single album of this for this song lol... This is cute! !
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Whatever you say pinkie :D!
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at first i thot the flowers were real o3o really an amazing picture
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This is really well drawn!!! And Pinkie sure looks adorable with those bunch of flowers!!! :squee: :squee: :squee:
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Love the flowers in this. So cute.
love the song
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That was the greatest song that was ever sung in the history of singing. Song.
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I just love the way how you pinkie, and I especially love the way how you draw the flowers,they look so beutiful,this style is just lovely I just can't stop looking at it! :iconfluttershysqueeplz:
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Wow,the perspective and anatomy in this just.....amazes me!
Do you ever plan on making some tutorials?I would love to learn from you x)
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wow thanks! :D

my drawing process is pretty standard, so i'm not sure how much people will benefit from a tutorial?
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Yeah about that,I guess it's just a process of practice...I know I'm so needy sometimes xD Lol no I've just come to realize that it's a matter of trial and depends on the person learning from your tutorial I guess...I just have such a bad time with drawing poses and using perspective properly so if you were to write a tutorial on your take of drawing it could be beneficial to others like me...I just don't know where to start sometimes...:iconsadfluttershyplz:Should I just practice drawing real-life horses...I just don't know to go on about learning anatomy do you just draw a lot of horses or I don't you have any advice?I'm sorry just drawing in general becomes so complicated I don't know what to practice that's all...:iconohmyfluttershyplz::iconderpeyefluttershyplz:
Jiayi's avatar
hmm poses and perspective? Haha I'm bad at perspective so I can't help there. xD Posers just take a bit of creativity and referencing!

Yeah, if you want to draw horses, or anything really, it's best to grab photo references, even something from google so you understand the form of the object you're drawing. If you drew a horse from memory, it probably would not look as interesting if you used a photo to help you.
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Such a cute picture. :3
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This picture succeeded. :D
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SO ADORABLE! *explodes*
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I want a 3x2 foot poster of this, it's amazing!
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