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Of Death and Decay

Queen Chrysalis :3

x-posted on tumblr with close-ups!…
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She gone crazy, woooooah!

She's power hungry...!
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She seems juuuuuuuuuuust a bit crazed... :)
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Ohmigosh the detail on the trees, those've got such a wide range of art on here it's unreal and it goes from adorable to breathtakingly beautiful wow I love how you can do that
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"Mouhahaha! What's the matter little pony?  Are you lost? Aww.... poor little pony. I could give you the right direction if you want... but for a price! Are you ready to pay for it? No? No matter. Because.... I won't wait until you do..."

Wonderful work
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Looks pretty cool!!! :omfg: :omfg: :omfg:
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Awesome work! :)
Chrysalis looks badass and creepy with that expression!
Konrax's avatar I give my love to her or not?
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I find Chrysalis' insane look quite gorgeous in this picture :love: You did such a fine job on the details here! I'm especially loving Her mane and nicely recreated bodybuild :) Also, the colouring and shading here is simply amazing! It looks very neat and well done!
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Amazing picture you've drawn here :D For starters, I love the way you drew her eyes, giving them that rather crazed look XD Next, incredible work on her mane, with how smooth and silky it came out looking. The same goes for her tail, too :heart: Moving on, I love how she's sticking out her tongue like that, giving her a rather sultry look :love: You also did very well on the colors of her smooth carapace, and the elegant look of her wings >w< Very nice job on the rest of her features, such as her horn, crown and ears. Finally, spectacular work on that swampy background. Truly a fitting environment for my queen to call home :meow:
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I like the look of the swamp and her wings. I must admit that I am really behind in this series...
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impressive style! also loved how you did her wings 
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