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Mspaint Rampardos

It looks like I can finish big artwork quickly but the truth is when I'm on a roll and I have serveral pictures drawn, I don't submit all at once. ^^; This was started 2 month ago and finished probably 3 weeks ago. I really like the result! The original was supposed to have Rampardos fighting a Rhydon but that was too complicated. D: As yoou can seeee....I've been working on more non-mammal stuff. xD I haven't drawn a reptile is FOREVER! (The tail kinda crooked like that on purpose BTW )

I'm cleaning up my pixel lines these days too, it's boring but well worth the effort! :D

Done on mspaint; lineart with mouse+tablet, shading with mouse
Time: 2hours I think

PS: I'd love a comment over a fave. ;P
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This is super good <3
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Whoa, that is awesome!
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If it had not been for the title I would not have known that yo had used Paint. I like the touch with the tail, it's very nice. MSPaint must be tough to use, is it at least the version with the bigger undo history? The only really strange thing that I can see is the tongue, I'm not sure how realistic that is. But you've done an overall great job here and I commend you on that.
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Naw, this was the paint program on Windows XP (3 undos if I remember correctly)

Thank you very much! Haha yes I agree, the tongue looks horribly out of place.
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beautiful Pokemon :heart:
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Really awesome. You're great.
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Great. )
One of my favourites. )
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Rampardos is one of my faves =D good job!
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This is amazing for being drawn in MS paint, especially the shading and muscle detail. The only thing that bothers me is how the back of its thigh looks, it's kind of of hard to describe why though.
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This is so epic awesome *O*
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This is absolutly amazing~
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i have a shiny one!! its dark red where its blue hehe
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Whao, this looks seriously epic. :noes:
Rampardos is some of my favorite Pokemons too~
mirmi4a's avatar
this is amazing! your work is fabulous :excited:
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awesome pic!
x-guildramon's avatar
you and :iconash-dragon-wolf: are my idols!
Olsie's avatar
Ahhhh I love MSPaint and this Pokemon. This is very nice.
the-Leander's avatar
Wow, this is amazing. @_@ Love the outline and the colors used, they look really nice together. Rampardos is amazing :heart:
littlenicky's avatar
For reals? MSPaint!?
K-a-n-i's avatar
second coolest rock type ever.
KyuubiPowa's avatar
I love it! The shading really brings out the muscles, too. Rampardos and Cranidos are a couple of my fav pokes <3
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