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Mspaint Ninetales

11K Views highlights or reflective shading, just simple brainless techniques. 8D


Mspaint pwns.
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Very pretty. I have a question if you could answer soon. I have a project im doing for my computer class and I want to show good examples of mspaint pictures.I am asking if I could use this picture as an example. I will make sure to credit you.Thank you.
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Actually my project was due yesterday, and I needed to make sure to ask and credit it then. Sorry, I still really love your picture.
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This one is very good! Like the way she's posing there! Kind of reminds me of a Disney movie where the female character feels like she about to blush!
aeryn1207's avatar
That's really good for MS Paint.
AlchemyFox's avatar
I'm amazed!! Ninetails has always been my most favorite Pokemon, but to make one THIS beautiful on Paint is incredible! Thats some skill! :D Keep it up! 
BrownSwissAndLove's avatar
What brush do you use?
ColorfulWeirdAnimal's avatar
Jiayi used Microsoft Paint which you can find on every Windows computer.
derpificatinoner's avatar
wow this is really good
Divine-Marshal's avatar
You made this Pokemon look incredibly beautiful.
I love your style~
Amazing c:
Eeveelutions95's avatar
omggg!! this is one of my fave pics! :heart: so glad i found the Artist :heart:
Xander400's avatar
Yeah, I use Paint as well, kind of an underrated programme
You really brought out its potential here, the colours and shading really do look beautiful
zeromarusaur's avatar
Wow! thats amazing for mspaint
lionking0's avatar
nice pic can you do another
bubbles46853's avatar

*hugs her, careful not to touch her tails*
Mela-Leigh's avatar
:iconiwantitplz: holy crap thats good!!! way better than my Mspaint pics...
Lightstar98's avatar
how long did it take to draw this? I'D get bored if I had to erase pixel and pixel and pixel...xD
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