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Mspaint Glaceon

The english name is Glaceon right? O_O

NOOO......THEY TOOK MY NAME. *points* [link]

Ah well, I don't mind that much. :/

Anyways, I have been so inactive lately. SORRY! I don't think I can get to everyone's deviations in my message center, but I'll at least try to look at them! ^^;

Done in mspaint....with a mouse. >=D
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awww, that's adorable. 
AuthorNumber2's avatar
It looks so awesome-ing and cute! Its one of the best MSPaint pieces I've seen in awhile!
alice0227's avatar
lol what a coincidence! shes very cute!
flaries's avatar
omg in MS and with a mouse?! wowwwwwwwwwwww thats amazing
bubbles46853's avatar
Awwww, she's cute!!!
nanda7121's avatar
love it! so cute...
iadorelatias12's avatar
wow ms paint? only tried the other day to do a picture of a glaceon myself with ms paint, one word DISASTER,one word for yours though FANTASTIC!!!
MarshmallowBunni's avatar
MilesPrower360's avatar
MSP?!Man wish I was that good at MSP!
AutumnLubbsTheLulz's avatar
WOW, on MSPaint? Thats really good!
sky-12's avatar
You used MS paint to make this? Wow you have a lot of talent.
LOST14's avatar
Mokieth's avatar
It's so Cute! X3
Whitney85's avatar
omg!!so cute!!! and cool!!
Kureculari's avatar
I love your style of Glaceon~~<3 its so cute and i'm attracted to those ears xD;
christenmanga's avatar
YAY! lurve it. it mustve been hard on MS paint.if it was i TOTALLY know how you feel cuz im forced to use it!!! :+fav:
KimbaLemur's avatar
Your Pokemon fan art is adorable. :aww:
Zirkoni's avatar
:ohnoes: they stole your name!
Whoa, MS Paint? You have a big talent!
tenko72's avatar
Nice pose and I like the highlights.
chocovul7's avatar
CYUUUUUUUUTE, I love how It's holding the tail.
Curvee's avatar
Awwww cute glaceon <3
SoniaBane's avatar
As usual your pokemon fanart is adorable.<3
And as usual,I'm gonna fav it!
Jiayi's avatar
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