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pokemon gif espeonEspeon is my favorite of the eeveelutions#196 Espeon pokemon gif espeon   

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The Eevee evolutions are are all super cool ^.^
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Flareon is mine back off -_- I'm a fan of fire and dark types 
Sylveon D:
Well actually i can't complain looking at the time this was posted...
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I like how each pokemon already looks like they're about to attack :)
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Flareon La icon Free flareon avatar Inferno dance emoticon Inferno spin emoticon Inferno sleepy emoticon flareon run Free flareon avatar flareon cute Flare's &quot;Victory Dance&quot; Icon flareon run ::Pokewalker dark:: flareon Flareon XD Flame and Blaze icon avatar <img src="//"> Flareon icon FlameTheFlareon 
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Beautiful, eevee is best pokemon YAY
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i like the umbreon
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not in the Pokemon fandom, really, but this is a truly epic eeveelution piece. my fez is off to you!
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Could you pleeeease add the download option, this would make a really great wallpaper :3
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<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 
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Setting this as my wallpaper. Not for long but for now (will not be in a minute) is my own art. ;a; I love this!
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Umbreon, i choose you!! >:3
Very good job ^^
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It's beautiful! <3 My new wallpaper, hahaha <3 You should do a new one including Eevee and Ninfa (:
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i saw another piece of your art and I was wondering if I could use this one (eeveelutions) for my backround computer? (screenshot)
I'll give credit to you.....

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OMG OMG im faving this!!! wait where eevee oh well im still faving!!!
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