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Christmas with the Pies

By Jiayi
A little late for the season, but a commission for =oBNDo of Pinkie pie celebrating Christmas/Hearth's Warming Eve with her family! I really liked working on this, it was challenging but I learned a lot!

If you're interested in commissioning, prices are here!…
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PartyPopthepony's avatar
I'm pretty sure auntie Maud was at a boarding school at that point in time...
Kone5497's avatar
So nice to see Pies smiling :)
And realy,where is Maud?
ChameleonMan55's avatar
Check the date, this was made in 2013. Maud didn't arrive until 2014.
Kone5497's avatar
sweetymimy22's avatar
where is maud ??
ChameleonMan55's avatar
It was made before Maud was even in the show.
sockerboy129's avatar
awwwww marble pie is so cute!
Epicgirlmaddie's avatar
kuku88's avatar
Been organizing my favourites and came across this. Pretty cool that soon we'll be getting a Pie Christmas (Hearth's Warming) episode with Applejack in it. Maybe it'll look like this, though the synopsis hints that their traditions are a tad strange/rather unique, or at least differ from the Apple family's. xD
I wonder where Maud would be here? ;P
Borninbread's avatar
Marble: :) I got a train
Limestone: :) I got a bear
Pinkie: :D I got a new friend!
Maud: ._. I got a rock. ._. I've never been so happy.
Walker-Ironheart's avatar
Maud:I think I'll call him Boulder. ._. Best Hearthswarming ever.
WarsadlePony's avatar
This is sweet and heart warming.
yesianya's avatar
Aww, when Pinkie got Gummy.
RukarioTrainer's avatar
Thatis so beautiful. One of the sisters isn't there, but she's one of the young ones so maybe she wasn't born yet, or maybe she's just not in the shot. Eitherway that's too adorable.
CrystalCritic's avatar
The Christmas after the party has happened I see?
MLPegasis4898's avatar
D'aaaww!!! What an adorable scene!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
DoughnutJoe's avatar
Late for the season, or just early to headline Equestria Daily's 2013 Christmas day Drawfriend? I thought this picture looked familiar when I saw it there. :D…
DJmadman1's avatar
so thats were she got gummy.
BB-K's avatar
Such joy altogether. :)
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