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Animal Crossing - Waterfall

By Jiayi
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An Animal Crossing pic of some of my fav villagers!
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AngelheartdreamHobbyist General Artist

I have never used this account in years but after finding this beautiful piece of work, I knew I had to favorite it, so I logged in just to say how cute and awesome this piece is!!! <3

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CartoonicusProfessional Digital Artist
If I may offer some feedback, Your backgrounds are beautiful. Just one thing.
It's hard to see that the animals who are are the water, are, in fact, half in the water. They look like their bodies just cut off or are stuck in a hard surface.
I would suggest adding some ripple effects around them, where their bodies meet the water, to convey the "sinking into", of a liquid.
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Is Julian feeding a frog
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Cute sunbathing Whitney
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ginalovesGod Digital Artist
Do you have a higher resolution version of this we could use for our computers? (desktop wallpaper)
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ExpressionArtGirl1Student Artist
It is so cute I love Animal Crossing
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A perfect background for my pc if i say so myself!
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RedRidingWolf1365Hobbyist General Artist
I have Stitches in my City Folk!
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ThefemaleraytoroHobbyist Traditional Artist
Poppy looks so cute!
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ahegaofactoryHobbyist Artist
So pretty!
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candylynxHobbyist Digital Artist
my fav villager is Hornsby and Julian :D
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toadeuHobbyist Digital Artist
This is beautiful :) .
I like Cookie, Whitney, Bernado, Mehdi, Maple and Poppy :)
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goldenclaw1's avatar
Cool! That just gives me a warm feeling.
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KKGeekHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great work the environment the characters having fun. I might have a favourite comes to mind?
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That looks marvelous! But there's something about Animal Crossing.
I see gameplays of it and I thought that the human character we play as seems out of place, a human living in a town of animal villagers? doesn't that sound strange? I once thought about the character you'd play as would be a furry too, with hundreds of options to customize it. Being the only human on the village, you wouldn't have anyone to date if you wanted to.

Or maybe it's just me.
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OMG COOKIE I LOVE COOKIE in Animal Crossing New Leaf she's in my game she's too adorable
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aquanutHobbyist Digital Artist
This is wonderful, I love the sense of space and environment; the smaller animals in the background really give it a sense of depth and scale, making the cliffs look so tall and majestic with the water rushing through them! And the pool below looks so cool and relaxing--all the blues give it a refreshing, cooling feeling and I really get the sense of a slow, lazy summer day. The contrast between the characters sitting in the shadows of the tree and the sunlight hitting the water adds to the sense of depth and atmosphere.

And I love all the characters' tiny interactions with the scenery and each other, they look adorable in this style! Erik and Poppy look completely precious chasing that butterfly and blowing bubbles, and I love how the octopi are having a water fight. Julian extending a hoof to the frog sitting on the rock is so cute as well!!
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JiayiHobbyist General Artist
thank you very much!
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imogenweasleyHobbyist General Artist
This is amazing! I love to see all the villagers interacting and having fun! I'm really impressed with all the detail you put into it. It's lovely!
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guys we found life
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GewtzHobbyist Traditional Artist
I really love the amount of detail you put in this. :]
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I like this picture!
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so earth-like
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