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Mischief & Mayhem: Artistic Compulsion Page 12

Ironically enough... I hadn't actually been planning on doing this one when I did... I went to my 'Komic Klub', and realized I'd forgotten my book bag... I DID however remember my portfolio, which had all the references I needed to do the next page for this. SO here you guys go!! XD

BTW. This is the last standard comic before I start my "And Shine Heaven Now" Tribute... so for those of you who have done rants, or want to do rants... that's up next!!

EDIT: I almost forgot to add the 'score'.

Jianre: 6 ->vs<- Sephiroth: 1.
Jianre: 0 ->vs<- Alucard: 1.
Sephiroth: 0 ->vs<- Alucard: 3.
Sabel: 0 ->vs<- Alucard: 4.
Sabel: 1 ->vs<- Sephiroth: 3.

>> This is what I call a 'quicky' comic, I take a little time to neaten lines and ink them, but no where near as much as Furrshadowed, and I won't be coloring them like FF Cosplay. These are just for fun mostly, so please excuse the bad perspective and inconsistancies. ;p <<

First page - [link]
Previous Page - [link]
Next Page - [link]
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These drawings are really good and the smoothness of actually reading the manga or comic is awsomely done. Do you have more that you have done? Im a big fan of Seph and Alucard