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:new: in judging! Shamelessly stolen (with permission) from @TwiggyARPG ^^ But I am also on the look out for a nice tack design and/or paint design for some of my cats that I want to use among the streets. I suck at making tack sets in my opinion (at least in making them fancy), so why not try it out with a contest? Each cat has its own requirements and also prizes as each cat has its own style as well. X----------X Black is my first victim I am looking stuff for. I am looking for - Streetrace tack How I see his tack? - Dark. Probably all black/Dark grey with very little coloured accents. - Can be Classic style or Modern style - Bridle possible, but more a fan of having a steering collar or handle on the saddle - Some trinkets are possible, like fangs, fur, feathers, metal, maybe a bird skull, ... - Even with added details, the tack should look sleek and to overly fancy The winner will get - Breeding slot to Black himself * - 1x Lykoi kitten - 2x Shedu tack token - 1x
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The past breeding season has been a very good one for me on Arabian level. SO I want to share out a few breedings and a geno to you all. Sale conditions - I have the right to end the sale without selling the breeding/geno if I do not find a good offer - Mainly looking for -- USD (keep Arabian value in mind) -- Shedu items (mainly Gold Breeders SPC, Febril items, (M)GD, meerkat, cobra, etc ...) -- AP (unbound or in art. If in art, I prefer explorations.) -- slots to high stat cats (Classic, Asian or Komainu) -- rare genes I don't have yet Deadline: 11 May 2022 THE SALES Arabian geno Manekbir El Enam De Medici De Luna 14080-ASC X Ruwa El Lamis De Luna 29879 Breeding Cubs are all Official - Medici Line (Dizang Familia) (37.5% Classic / 62.5% Asian) Inbreeding: 0% (no level) ( Cubs may have Purple colored eyes ) 31300 - Female - 170cm - Arabian shedu, Silky Mane ee/Aa[s]/tt/BrnBrn/nPan/nB/nSl [-3 extreme] Siam Brown with Belly roan, Pangare, and Smokey Leopard Pattern -3 extreme
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If you don't get a reply from me, do not worry, I am trying to figure out this new notification system that is dropped on our head that just makes everything 10 times more difficult then it was before. aka: I am gonna lose more replies now!!! PS: if it takes longer then a week, feel free to sent a note or kick me on Discord. No worry ;)
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Glad you like the auction

Thank you for the Fav!:+fav::meow:

aww thank u for the fav!! <3

Happy Birthday! :)

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