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Jia Lu 2011, oil on canvas, 30 x 24 inches

I had almost forgotten this small canvas. I am very pleased with the light, relaxed brushwork. This is a direction in which I hope to move with future work, creating a maximum effect from a minimum of effort. In fact looks can deceive - I find it is very slow and difficult to paint like this because I tend to over-think my brushstrokes, and must take time to relax. This painting is as much about touch and hearing as it is about light and color - all my senses must be engaged when I work, so excuse me while I go and brew some Kona coffee and turn on some classical music.
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So incredibly beautiful... I am falling in love <3
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<font><font>great piece, you are a very talented artist. i love it. it remember me to emil nolde, an german artist in the 20.century. go ahead. peter</font></font>
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Just awesome 
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Amazing work! :heart:
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great lighting.
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I'm new to DA and fairly new to painting, and I have only just now come upon your work. Your paintings are exceptional and inspiring; a real joy to behold.
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Wow! The light reminds me of fabric at some points, very pretty!
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I love the contrast :)
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This is really great work
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Brilliant expressive piece. I love the movement of colour and the contrast between the intense warms and moderates.
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The lighting and contrast are gorgeous.
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Yes, this is much better, more free from style and form, more open for the viewers perception!
Beautiful painting!
Wonderful work.
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Fantastic colors!
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wonderful colors.
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Beautiful! Made me think of Daenerys Targaryen's rebirth from fire in Game of Thrones, extremely impressive.
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oh this is just stunning!
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This is such a beautiful piece for the reasons you mention. There's something strong in the delicacy of it. That lighting in traditional media is difficult to come by, but you've done an amazing job with it. I particularly love the bounces of green and blue in the skin tones - brings them to life so much.
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hah, one of these persons looks like me :)
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Lots of great energy in the strokes.
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You're a true artist down to the most minute detail. Well done.
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