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Dignity (2010) oil on canvas, 27.75 × 21.75 in.

Just finished last night!
This painting will be exhibited at the Stephen Lowe Art Gallery 30th Anniversary Exhibition next week in Calgary, Alberta.
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I am so in awe of your work! I adore the way you use blues and purples, and your talent for creating a soft transition between a focal point and shadow. I love how you make use of contour and the many different colours and textures you discretely work into your skin rendering. In addition to that, you always capture an innate sense of female beauty for each individual figure you paint. You're a true inspiration to any traditional artist!
This painting and it's title poses so many possible interpretations. What we know: the woman is lovely and probably wealthy considering the gown and the jewels; perhaps an aristocrat. Her expression is sad, reflective, simmering rage. The sword she has in her right hand is a serious weapon and she holds it as if it is not a stranger to her touch. I assume her dignity has been assaulted and only blood will suffice. My interpretation is her affections have been betrayed. The man is arrogant and his position is untouchable - no one will kill him for her. He prides himself on being a swordsman not knowing the woman, whose love he betrayed, has been schooled in the blade all her life. She intends to kill him in a duel; no one takes her seriously. When he lies dying, at her feet, she may be sent to execution - a price she is willing to pay. She will go to the block with her head held high; her dignity has been restored.
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My favourite of yours so far!
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Beautiful! I love the fluidity and movement of the brush strokes, and the gold looks very real. :heart:
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Thanks! It's just paint and colour!
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