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Avatar : Fire Bending Prince

By JialingPan
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...I rise with the sun.

Avatar the Last Airbender was actually the animation series I was severely skeptical about when it first released but I ended up loving to death. I especially fell in love with the characters of Katara and Zuko the most. I had wanted to cosplay from this series for the longest time but I never got around to doing it because I always wanted to debut it with a team.

Thanks to lovely *Astellecia, I finally got a full team! And what and awesome team it was! I'm glad to have finally attempted this cosplay because doing the scar makeup gave me nightmares since I hadn't seen more than a handful of Zuko cosplayers who had done it right.

I still have to make the double swords that he carries around before I can really consider this a complete costume. Cloth hunting took ages too but I'm really happy with what we got in the end.The costume is not made by me but by my lovely aunty tailor who did an awesome job. I hope to have more shots up soon and hopefully a solo shoot.

Sorry if the fire edit is a little shoddy. First time doing it and I realize it should be more powerful but I didn't want it to overpower the costume/picture : )

All in all I'm really happy to have had a team. Asian people interested in Avatar the Last Airbender is a rare thing so I'm glad some people recognized us!


Avatar : The Last Airbender

Team members

~Carneaglariel as Zuko
*Astellecia as Katara
~Intricatia as Aang
*Cvy as Toph
~IodineSoup as Fire Lord Ozai
Kal Shoji as Sokka

Helper : Iylia

*shiroin as our awesome photographer!

More to come soon I hope.
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Asian people interested in Avatar isnt a rare thing! D: i go to an 80% Asian school, tons of them love Avatar!
This is one of the best Zuko cosplays I've seen!! Some other ones come off as kind of awkward to me.. this looks great.
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man this is just WOW! :D
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asiannarutofreak's avatar
That looks so AMAZING!
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O M G nice scar ._______. :Q
JialingPan's avatar
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Of course we would! You guys were so damn amazing!!! XD
Phoenix-Soar's avatar
THE SCAR! That is awesomely done! o.O
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red-thorn's avatar
That's amazing scar make-up.
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immortal-night's avatar
nice! I am so digging the picture and the work on the scar! Awesome!
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mikuen-drops's avatar
BADARSE SCAR <3 You look amazingly convincing as a Firebender!
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Thank you <3<3<3
gracie-is-a-pie's avatar
The scar looks REALLY convincing. Nice job! :D
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holy scarsface

That's is INCREDIBLE <3
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Thanks! I didn't get to do a test run for the scars so I was pretty happy that the research was sufficient!
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What did you do for the scars??
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I used Kryolan liquid latex with household tissue paper to make the texture. Once that was set I coloured the base colours with pigmented eyeshadow colours and Kryolan face paint colours to get that. I actually watched one of the Zuko scar tutorials on youtube that uses the same method but I did took my own liberty from there on. to get that tilt on my eye scar, since you can't put liquid latex too close to your eye, I used copious amounts of eyelash glue to glue some tissue paper to the main scar that gave the shape of slanted burnt skin over my left eye so that it would be safe for my eyes.

I was told that using liquid latex makes it painful when you remove it from your skin but with some proper makeup base and the brand that I used, it was actually a rather painless affair for me. I hope that helped : D
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