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COMPETITION - Chance to win 1,000 points + more!La jumping in Points Points  Starting a competition!  Points La jumping in Points 

With 1,000 points up for grabs for the best edited image from these available stock images below from the phoenix series !
...also the best image will be uploaded and credited on my work profile at Facebook Facebook  
The winner


Today as we celebrate our group's first anniversary at :iconart-revival:, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members for partaking in all our achievements and success.
And now, to coincide with the anniversary we would like to announce our 3rd big contest. The theme for which is:

Poster by Lora-Vysotskaya, credits are here
Lewis Carroll's Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland stirs the mind & imaginations of readers from around the world. And also inspires every artist to enter and discover the enchantment of the Wonderland!
Let us also go there! Follow the White Rabbit and see what magic awaits us:

You will have to create a PHOTOMANIPULATION based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderlan

The Red Contest    The "RED" Contest 2018  
The Red Contest is Now Closed. Wishing all who participated Good Luck. :)
Winners Will be announced Mid Next Week.
:bulletred: If you would like to offer a Prize for this contest please leave a comment in the messages or note me.
Red is the color of extremes. It is an intense color that is packed with emotion ranging from passionate, intense love to anger and violence — representing both cupid and the devil.
:bulletred: In this contest you must show the colour red and what it represents for you. Is it Love or is it Hate, what emotion does the colour red bring to you?
It Must be a New Piece and Submitted to Deviant Art on or after the 21st of January 2018
:bulletred: Particpate & Create and most important have fun :bulletred:
Start date is the 21/01/2018 (21st of January 2018)
End date is the 28/02/2018 (28th of February 2018)

The Rules
Please read the rules below before submit

Hello everyone!:wave:
I have the immense pleasure of announcing to you, the celebration of an impressive contest, with excellent prizes and whose only limit will be your imagination and of that, we know that all have a great talent and creativity. So do not hesitate, this is your contest!
On this occasion, I propose a new challenge,we move to Norse Mythology, to the time of the Vikings, as you will see the subject is exciting and gives a lot, I hope you like it and surprise us with its impressive creations.
Thanks to all our members to accompany us in this New Year 2018 , without their support this would not be possible.

It is about reproducing a scene of Mythology Norse of the Viking Gods, their struggles, their home Asgard, their myths and legends and fantastic creatures,the creation of the world to Ragnarök
... in short everything that can happen to them related to the prop


The tale of Cupid-Contest Closed!
❁ February's Challenge at :iconDa-lovers:
I'm happy to anounce our fifth contest! :happybounce:
Since Valentines Day is coming,I've thought about giving you a perfect theme for it.;)
The tale of Cupid!
:bulletgreen:Our fifth challenge will be about Cupid!
:bulletred:This is what you will have to do:
:bulletyellow:Your artwork must contain lovers,goddessess or someone holding an arrow,depends how you want to interpret the story bellow
:bulletblue: It doesn't have to be specifically romantic!THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! It could have a dramatic ending like in Romeo and Juliet.
:bulletorange:Please describe shortly your ar

Thanks for reading !!!


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Thanks a lot for supporting the Wonderland contest😘❤️
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Always welcome ... we are to take care each other ... Artists must to take care of others artists friends !! :hug: