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Sitting on my waterfall

Foreground: [link]
Model: [link]
Background waterfall 1: [link]
BG Water 2 [link]
Animal: [link]
Fantasy wings: [link]
Image details
Image size
2237x3253px 2.45 MB
Canon EOS 450D
Shutter Speed
1/160 second
Focal Length
23 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
May 4, 2013, 12:49:08 PM
Sensor Size
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Great__!Wonderful done__!  :heart::hug:
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Wishing you a warm welcome!!!!  :heart::hug:
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Do u see it? When u don't use trasformation tools the work is much more good And this time indeed the girl is really excellent. :giggle: :pat: and this time i like me much! Great passion to work that model! in general is a good sweet little fantasy work!! :heart:
About the little animal is + or - well worked..good good!! u know that fur is hard! i think another thing... in my opinion if you put the little animal over the girl's feet u would have increased the interaction....This little but simply trick, remember, it enhance the atmosphere always! otherwise the risk is create 2 things pasted without soul! The interaction rule is great rule in these works....and its so easy to create!!! Some artist know very well this rule! for example, i think u know good this [link] or this [link]
or this [link] about this last......u can see 2 interesting things! The artist used the cat to showing and enhance the artist's name.....and the dog to increase and create the little all is more realist and who watch, watch a great harmony between all elements.
:wave: :hug:
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Jejeje ! Yes, This time I worked over the canvas Foreground Tree.(Like I love to work many of my works) Now I wanted add some new elements: blend several images. Otherwhise, my artworks will be the same (that not good, 'cause never grow up, like an artist).

Yes, I saw :iconcindysart: they're best of the best, thanks for helped me with that deatils. I put the animal on that corner 'cause I felt she was so lonely on that tree ( I had use butterflies a lot, dragonflies, too) But I wanted something new. I :heart: animals with fairies, but not always the same. Sweet details.

Thanks again for the advised. Next time I'm going to apply this rule. :heart: :hug: ;)
Thanks for take your time and comment me :) :D
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u know i write these things because for me is so boring copy and paste the same comments for 1000000 not crazy but overall not is a 2° work :D!! for this reason i answer only to few peoples! So i can have time to answer good! I never will understand the utility to write only "awesome" or "wonderfull" damn this is so boring!
In real life i like talk much...english language stop me a bit ahhah
About the animal, yes is lonely on the tree too.....but this lonely scene can be enhanced...and i think is a good thing if something can be enhanced in positive :D
:hug: :wave:
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Ahahahah You made me laugh. You're alright with this.

For that reason I said thanks for take your time and write something for me. :) :hug: :heart:
Yes, you're alright too, with the animal issue. I'm gonna try to take cake with those details on my artworks.

About talk too much, I'm the opposite ... I like heard a lot.
I'm very patient with ;) :) :D. :hug: :heart:
That make me think how to learn Italian language. So I can add to my list of language and talk with you, too ;)
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the important is ur fun with these things! :D
When u want, if u want, we could do some little work togheter :pat:
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Yeah !!! It would be a great challenge for me ;) :D

But not these days, My mood is not good. :hug: ;)
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Very nice concept!
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Thanks for your comment :) :D :hug:
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