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So, hi...

Again with this shitty journal that nobody reads, here I go again with some shitty thoughtsand even more shit than usual. I think I'm liking a lot the word shit, want to use it more, ha-ha...

What's new? Not much, still working, drawing when I can, having a lot of unfinished art... Man, I have recently started to miss my kid years, that shit was dope, I miss the old soccer on the street days, and playing hidden and seek and immediately go to hide with the girl you liked, the good old days. Also I finished watching American Vandal, so goooooodI felt connected with Dylan a lot, is amazing how much I have changed since I was 17, the end really touched me, why nobody told me about that show?... What else, Happy delay Christmas and new year!I didn't get anything ha-ha, but at least I got fun ha-ha

I want to do more things here, I don't know if I should make the "Meet the artist" thing or some collab or art trade, I may decide later. Am... I give you guys my social media again, you should follow me on everything, I know I may not upload every day, but I have differentthing in my other social media, or at least I try. I fail the upload daily here, so I may try it again the next week because right now, i have a lot to do. 

Tumblr (NSFW):

Also, if you wanna chat with me, you can either send me a note or ask me for my Skype :D 
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January 8, 2018


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