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The Legendary Fight: Returns by JI4M
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To All my watchers who still around here. I wish you a GREAT 2019! And you can accomplish everything!! Maximum effort!
The Legendary Fight: Returns
So I redrawed this piece. They are 3 years of diference, and I can tell how much I have improved. Hope you guys like it! 

Zato by Rojoneo 
 Intagram Newgrounds  Ko-fi  (every coffee you buy, you recieve a detailed sketch)  RedBubble

The Master and The Student
Soooooooooooo... When was the last time I said I was going to be more active here? 

Tumblr is slowly dying and need a change. So I tought to comeback here, how many of my watchers still alive? Not many? 

Lately I've been playing Dragon Ball Legends, and oh boy, I love it. Love the idea of having Nappa as a master for Shallot, I love Shallot, I love all the idea of having fighters from different timelines. Is a new way to see old characters. I was thinking on doing a mini comic about the game, but still thinking on it. 

With all the changes, I'm gonna need a place to put all my trash art. But if you want to see my not trash art, you can follow me on Intagram. And if you want some NSFW art I have a Newgrounds account, I'm giving it a chance... Also I have a Ko-fi page if you want to support me (every coffee you recieve a detailed sketch). And also have a RedBubble with merchandise! 

Also, my commissions are open! 
Well, I'm back, enjoy the drawing, follow me, comment and fav it! 
BNHA OC: Syd/Gravity
So, long time no seeing you guys!!! I will explain where I have been at the moment or if you start asking haha :la:

Here is my OC for BNHA. I wanted to create one a few months back, but finally I drawed him :la::la

He's kind of a dick, his father is a well known scientist. His quirk is GRAVITY allows him to change the mass around every object, change the gravity of a complete room. Until now, no one have idea of what his limit are. But his dad after knowing his quirk started to investigate what his full power could be, and his he doesn't hit a limit point could create a space force around him that could change the gravity on all the solar sistem, and maybe even more. That's why since he is a little kid everyone tryed to keep his powers on a low level and don't let him use them, unfortunately, he fell in love with the idea of becoming a hero, and make that his dream, his dad to make him not use his powers spoiled him, giving him all what he wanted, and he asked to be a superhero. His dad had to accpet that, because if the kid started to get mad, his powers could become stronger. Before he could pass the admission test his dad had a talk with the teachers, let them know that his quirk could be very dangerous, and could end with the life we know, they decided to let him become a hero, so his power could be used for the good of the mankind, and not for they doom. So they tryed to make him the humblest p'erson of the world, a very nice and good dude, take off all bad toughts, teach him how to control his powers, but wasn't easy, the first months were the hardest one, they were dealing wit a spoiled brat, with villian tendences. But after almost 3 years of learning from the best heroes Syd have changed for good, becomed a role student, a good samaritan, someone who believes on justice, respecting the life of all people. He is going to be one of the best heroes the world had. Even like that, many of his teachers fell that if he try to use more of what he is regular use from his power, could be tempted and could corrupt, so he take extra classes to use more power and control it and learn that more power is not great sometimes, and he should stay at the level he have now. 

  • Eat a lot. Loves good and expensive food
  • Go to the gym and excersice until he can't, never uses his power on the gym.
  • Lizards, and all kind of reptiles.
  • Movies, loves going the the movies, with company or alone.
  • Cars, he have a big car collection. He restore many of the cars on his collection.
  • Cool and update clothes, likes to wear the best brands and look really cool

  • Smell bad.
  • Cheap clothes.
  • Roosters, not just dislikes them, he is afraid of them.
  • Hear that he should not use more of his powers.

  • He could be a brat, but also is a philanthropist. 
  • Stubborn
  • Determined, nothing will stope him if he make a choice.
  • Doesn't like to be lazy, always in movement.
  • Very clean in everything.
  • He is a very good leader when he is not being a brat.
  • He is not the most intelligent one, but he solves puzzles or problems faster than the average.
  • He is very friendly. Likes to meet new people.

  • He never heard of All Might.
  • Being a spoiled brat makes him hard to get close.
  • Hven't reach the limit on his powers.
  • HIs favorite type of music is all the rock that were out from '00 until '09.
  • His favorite band is Blink 182
  • His favorite movies are The Cornetto Trilogy 

This is al from the moemtn, I don't have a regular incoming of wifi, but i'll try be here time to time. :la::la::la::la::la:
So, hi...

Again with this shitty journal that nobody reads, here I go again with some shitty thoughtsand even more shit than usual. I think I'm liking a lot the word shit, want to use it more, ha-ha...

What's new? Not much, still working, drawing when I can, having a lot of unfinished art... Man, I have recently started to miss my kid years, that shit was dope, I miss the old soccer on the street days, and playing hidden and seek and immediately go to hide with the girl you liked, the good old days. Also I finished watching American Vandal, so goooooodI felt connected with Dylan a lot, is amazing how much I have changed since I was 17, the end really touched me, why nobody told me about that show?... What else, Happy delay Christmas and new year!I didn't get anything ha-ha, but at least I got fun ha-ha

I want to do more things here, I don't know if I should make the "Meet the artist" thing or some collab or art trade, I may decide later. Am... I give you guys my social media again, you should follow me on everything, I know I may not upload every day, but I have differentthing in my other social media, or at least I try. I fail the upload daily here, so I may try it again the next week because right now, i have a lot to do. 

Tumblr (NSFW):

Also, if you wanna chat with me, you can either send me a note or ask me for my Skype :D 
  • Listening to: Foo Fighters
  • Watching: Dave Chapelle



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