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Blazblue - Jin Kisaragi

Prepare for a photospam of this gaiz. :DDDD

I love. LOVE Blazblue, the first time I played, I played for 10 hours straight. :DDDDD
I love Jin so much! The first time I played him, my future was set. xDDD I had a couple other projects going on, but I dropped EVERYTHING and finished this by Kumoricon. <3<3

SUPER DELICIOUS PHOTO BY: - :iconphotopanda:
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wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow perfect *-*
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OMFG!!! why? why do I have to be moving further down the awesomeness list! even if I wasn't on it in the first place!! i really need to know how you made the sword TT^TT i'm planning to cosplay as jin in the future, mostly buying everything as I'm not as skilled as you....
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There is no harm in buying things for cosplay ^^
I made the sword by modding an actual sword. So the blade is solid steel but it's not sharp enough to cut anyone. :D
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woah. I really need to make one.
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OMG I love Jin! He's my best character too!
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this is awesome!~:XD:
and since im also planning to cosplay jin,can i ask for some ideas on how to make jin's sword?thanks! =)
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very nicely done! :clap:
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Did you make his sword? And if you did, with what materials? Great cosplay by the way!
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I bought an oversized sword and then modded it. So I carry an actual sword when I wear this costume. xD
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ah. The con I'm going to has banned live steel for obvious reasons. So I'm trying find an alternative?
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WoW amazing man i'm thinking about making a setsuna from Last Blade 2 that looks like jin ^^ how did you manage to get those parts of the waistcoat hardened? o.o it's amazing!!!
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O_O Love your cosplay a lot you made an awesome job with it!!! :D *o* can I have a question? How did you make the shoulders and the neck to look straight like that (my method doesn't work) thanks in advance! :D

PS: I'm with Jin's air combos too but they're kinda hard xD
ji-hwan's avatar

I used really thick interfacing :D
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you're very welcome and thanks a lot!! :D I've used interfacing but it is not thick enough I'm afraid but it folds everytime :( thanks a lot again :glomp: :D
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Yeah when I went to the fabric store I made sure I got the thickest interfacing that they had in stock and it worked out great :DD

Your welcome~
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thanks a lot again :D I'll see if I find a thick and good interfacing

PS: Watched you've very nice stuff in your gallery and your Simon cosplay is awesome too :D
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WAH! YOU NAILED IT! 8DDDD Uber job!!! YOU LOOK SO EPIC! XD And BlazBlue for the wiiiiiiiiin! 8D
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sorry i sent it twice 0_o, why'd i do that?
haha probably i loves you so much >3
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Soo cool!
Gah I wish i could've seen you closer. I haven't seen/ met you for months! * sobs!

You better go to November gasukan ( if you can ^^)

Your perfection is my completion. ufufuf~
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Gah too bad i never got to see it up close. It's been too long and i haven't seen you for months! You better go to November Gasukan if you can ><;*sobs

Your perfection is my completion ufufuf~
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LOL You future is set XD When I first saw it I thought it looked like a GG knockoff with a better engine and strangely enough I thought jin looked to be the most boring. but Ooooooh was I wrong. I ADORE this cosplay! Jin is freaking amazzinnnnggggg I want to eat him up! :iconbrownnomnomplz:
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Oooooohhhh! xDD Thank you so much!
I love Jin so much, words cannot express how much I want to touch him. xDD
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