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Photoshop Nose Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how I do my nose on my paintings following my eye tutorial. I have broken it all down so you can see how and in what order I paint the nose. There are many ways in which other artist do this, but I am self taught and I find this way works for me and allows me to achieve the realism that I am after :D

Here are some examples of how this fits into a portrait alongside my original eye, mouth, hair and ear tutorial :happybounce:


Thank you for taking the time to even view this and I hope that this might help some of you a little, and a massive heartfelt thank you for all those who commented on my Eye Tutorial and faved it.

I hope you all like it :) If you have time please leave a comment, fav it or add me to your Watch list :squee:
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you have no idea how much appreciate people like you that share step by step, thank you so much dear :iconsweethugplz:
jht888's avatar
You've made me smile, thank you again for your beautiful comments :squee:
lauraypablo's avatar
:rose: my pleassure, thanks to you!!:iconflyingheartsplz:
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Step 5-6 (1 is the first color on nose), how do you do that? I feel like there's something missing between 5-6. I never understood how you have just made blocks/lines of colors and then come out with what you did on step 6. Do you have a good tutorial? 
Either way, the sketching is a nice way to start the nose, thanks!!
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use the smudge tool with scattering. it's an amazing way of blending.
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Thank you so much for that Kim :happybounce:
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This is really helpfull, thanks so much!
But I don´t understand what you do in the last steps ^^;
jht888's avatar
You're welcome and thank you for leaving a comment :happybounce: The last few steps were just to add more detail and to tidy the whole nose up :bow:
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I needed this so much omfg. 

and i paint XD
jht888's avatar
So glad I can help you Ash, your comment made me smile :clap:
Ashbrie13's avatar
:3 thank you for the art ;D
amazinglife2011's avatar
AWESOME *-* If I keep browsing through your tutorial gallery, i just might wanna steal you from your house and bring you to mine so that you can teach me in person xD
this is incredible! :clap:
jht888's avatar
If you like this, you will love the real time video tutorials that I'll be doing in the future. I hope that you can take a little something from each of the tutorials. Thank you :clap: :happybounce:
amazinglife2011's avatar
Yes, yes, that'll be really helpful :) thank you! that's so nice of you :heart:
CelestialMelodia's avatar
Ohmygosh YES. I fuckin' HATE noses. This is a GODSEND.
jht888's avatar
You are so welcome, I'm so happy you like it. Thank you so much :clap:
lekosis's avatar
Thanks muchly for this!  Faces is my next big project--this is extremely helpful!
jht888's avatar
You are very welcome Erin, it makes me so happy if anyone can take a little something from my tutorials :happybounce: :bow:
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So glad you like my tutorials, I'll be doing the ears and hair next :D
dragonx81's avatar
:D (Big Grin) your tutorials are similar to what I work digitally, so I'm even more help to learn better digital art. Otherwise, draw a pencil and paper for more than 20 years (with a large break of 14 years). Digital art I started 2 and a half years. I love to experiment styles of other artists in a style (I call it Frankenstein style).
which means following the hair and ears ... nice.
although you could draw male and female base body anatomy, how to look realistic.

Termospacial01's avatar
you real master. 
jht888's avatar
Thank you so much for that :happybounce:
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