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The decision to make landfall here was deliberate. The high density of vegetation, unobstructed zenith, and immediate proximity to a significant liquid body made this the most efficient site for preliminary investigation into this lonely rock’s habitability.
The Visitor paused to muse over this characterization—lonely, relative to, what? True, this this place alone—of all its neighbors—was welcoming enough to even admit a craft through its atmosphere without the threat of crushing gravity, roiling temperatures, toxic gasses, or razor winds. The duty of tabulating and quantifying the subjects of each astral community had birthed an unending volume of data and description. But in the entire sum of these travels so far and so deep into the eternal void, never had this concept of “solitude” intruded upon The Visitor’s appraisals. Yet it was just that: solitary. It was not just the calm dark of the night cycle or the immediate l
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Chloe| Artemis Universe Summary
The primary story in this universe revolves around an unlikely and dysfunctional couple, Chloe Windfall and Artemis Michelangelo Windfall.
Artemis is a Don Quixote of sorts: he's naive and most of his worldview is couched in the belief of humanity's general goodness, in spite of (or perhaps, in reaction to) the death of his parents at a young age and the subsequent emotional fracturing of his older siblings. After watching his brother Hades disappear from his life to become an Eastern European mercenary and his remaining sister Arial leap from a bridge, he was left in charge of the family in his teens, which primarily meant being responsible for his sister's recovery in the wake of her failed suicide attempt. Lacking formal education, he was forced to do odd jobs and moonlight to pay for her hospital bills after his parents' inheritance dried up. His exposure to a rough-and-tumble world of cynicism and emotional violence both inside and outside of his family compelled him to try and be
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Super Host Brothers by Jhost Super Host Brothers :iconjhost:Jhost 2 0
The Epistle from the Glyph - (CELTRIANA ART TRADE)
It may come as a surprise to some, but—as you know—things have not been the way they are forever. These sweeping oceans were once vast tracts of barren, fissured bedrock. These mountains whose spires touch the sunbeams were flattened hills, and these forests and rivers were but a vision in the hearts of those filled with hope and courage. We call ourselves The Dwellers not because it is simple and true, but because that is our role. We built not the rafters that suspend our aqua skies, nor the foundations that brought our cliffs to oversee the hewn valleys that bring forth beautiful gems and animals both fearsome and fascinating. We dwell here; this is our gift and our happiness from the Firstborn.
You have heard it spoken across the plains from the gilded, metal towers and rainbow lights that fluoresce unto the horizon that we are to follow in their footsteps, those brave and majestic creators whose desire to create brought us this paradise. Those dutiful souls of indus
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Honu - In the Camps
It could have been an ocean breeze that felt its way through the endless spread of tall straw-grass to pass a breath of cool air against Ali's cheek. Just another, small snatch of relief to remind her that they had reached the eye of the storm.
She swallowed a mouthful of the swampy air and looked around. A grand theater lay before her: careful patterns of tall flood-lamps beamed out into the black, lined tight around the angled caravan of military jeeps, carriers, and even one tank. The vehicles were costumed in flowing, tattered covers that made them look like angled, tall piles of leaves. Soldiers moved in clockwork exercises from the thick of the bright lights to the edge of the dark near the single tree that the first watch had slouched themselves beneath. If she looked squinted hard, she could see the sheen of the choppers that, having concluded their reconnaissance for the moment, were winding down away from the main camp.
But the most striking thing was the silence; it was quie
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Mature content
Into the Dark -Honu- SW :iconjhost:Jhost 2 0
Mature content
Last Flight Out -Honu- SW :iconjhost:Jhost 2 5
Winter '10 by Jhost Winter '10 :iconjhost:Jhost 3 14
Poor Player
Dad, I laid my head tonight beside a stranger,
I do not know his name; I didn't give him mine,
But I am crying in the sheets,
I'm still sweating in the heat,
And I am suffering defeat now for the countless time—
Dad, I was not drunk when we moved to the shadows,
Dad, I knew what I was doing all along,
He put his hands around my waist,
I brushed my lips against his face,
And I am giving into wretched lies just one more time.
Dad, I stumble from the bed back to my "real life,"
A mask exposed with every time I fall and break,
But I am praying all the same,
I'm still crying out Your name,
And I am trying to release the grip of this newest mistake—
Dad, You know I lied when I said I was all right,
When I pretended it was nothing, You saw pain,
You still sit beside me here,
You make deeper feelings clear,
But I am giving in to wretched guilt just one more time.
But You help me put my new clothes on regardless,
And You rejoice that maybe this time is the last,
So I pray let
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She Wrote This In the Summer
A sight to behold sitting in the grass at noon,
Quite a thing to feel the coolness of the moon,
And only You have given it meaning to me,
And only You are what allow my eyes to see,
My head is blind, but my heart pulls me to the shore,
Ankle deep, I stand and hear the river roar,
But it's just noise without the heart that You gave to me,
It's all just chance unless it had a destiny.
And that is why we live like there is a tomorrow,
And that is why we are confused and torn away,
Because no matter what security we're building,
It's all a waste unless You'll make it all okay,
A stupid game unless You're making it okay.
In our proud minds, we mount reasons we can make it,
And taught to dream of happiness till we can fake it,
But the defensiveness is telling me we're scared,
And the hatred lets me know we're not repaired,
From my hometown streets to cities far away,
I hear a call to every tribe and tongue and place,
Just noise, or is Your love upon the breeze?
Just a feeling, or the life th
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They Say the Rest Is History
[Verse 1]
With pen to page,
You wrote down all my days,
A book that I half-read, and then I threw away,
With passion, I rewrote the acts,
I played the part till I collapsed,
But it seems that curtain calls…
Well, curtain calls are saving graces after all.
[Verse 2]
Hands to dust, I built the world I came to know,
But dust to dust is carried where Your winds have blown,
From oceans crossed to old belief,
No wars I waged brought me relief,
But it seems that broken hearts…Broken hearts become Your most beautiful art.
And the rest is history,
Yes, You and I are history.
Oh, can my heart be opened wide?
And can my fingers touch the sky?
Because it's who You are that saves,
And it is You who made this place,
And so made me,
And made me a perfect child,
Redeemed that I might smile,
And I'll embrace eternity,
That's stretching endlessly,
To You and I.
[Verse 3]
Holding Your hand, I tried to walk along the path,
A narrow way so cluttered with my aftermath,
With f
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Shimmering finish, two-tone sunburst--fiery, woody reds dissipating into a pitch outline. You are dramatic, but solid and earthy in your complexion. The steely protrusions from your body add a bright and modern magnificence to your classic, colorful, visceral character--they are evident as foreign installations, yet are consumed by the natural fire of your beauty. From the moment I join you, sweeping you into the cradle of my grip, you are as eager to meet me as the finest of lovers. Shall we dance, my dear?
Your long, elegant, black neck shines with the dull allure of that seductress from across the ballroom, teasing up the hem of her gown to reveal the smooth, contoured stockings underneath. I reach out to touch this midnight angel--and my fingers settle upon the gentle roundness of your throat and caress, with firm motions, the finely wound detail of your voice. I brush against the fine thinness of your high, soft tones all the way to the foundation of your strong, animal murmurs. M
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Fall '10 by Jhost Fall '10 :iconjhost:Jhost 0 0
Chloe Artemis - The Ultimatum
From the whirl of the party to being whisked into the whisper quiet of Ms. LaCruzx's drawing room was quite a dramatic change. The ebony desk that separated them sat on an immaculate, gunmetal, tiled floor that stretched back to the two, stainless steel doors that led to the grand atrium where the night's social continued without them. An ancient, grand piano sat in the furthest corner, its cover touched by the gleam of both the white overhead lights and the shine of the moon which spilled in from the staggering, plate glass window behind them. In lieu of towering bookshelves against the remaining walls were glimmering datasets which bubbled with (no doubt) hundreds of thousands of pieces of literature. Chloe guessed that she knew a good portion of them, but with over a hundred displays from floor to ceiling, there was no way she could guess them all. The space between was occupied by a deliberate assortment of smaller modern art pieces which were suspend on zero gravity stands, some s
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Summer '10 by Jhost Summer '10 :iconjhost:Jhost 1 2
The Haunting
Up on this hill, in this uncanny house, the young man stood in silence. Dry, cold white light beamed through all of the windows and cracks-there was nothing beyond the walls but the intense luminance. The interior, every ancient wooden surface covered in a gossamer film of dust and devoid of any light, stood in stark contrast to the beauty that waited outside. There was nothing sinister or even eerie about it, though-it was calm and peaceful in here. The bluish shadows were gentle, devoid of mystery. Every unhinged door, cracked mirror, and cluttered room offered a gentle invitation into their depths.
In the center of the misty foyer were two identical grand staircases, leading up to the second floor. Remnants of a chandelier tinkled out a soft melody overhead, the few remaining crystals glittering and throwing specks of light across the deep, empty space. When he would so much as move, a slipstream of particles would dance and wind its way through the beams of light before retu
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I would love an excuse to get back to making art, so, I'm in for this! :)
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