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The Walking Dead - Lee and Clementine

So cute, form a beautiful family! :love:
Made with XNALara
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is it just me
or are they at the st john's dairy?
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They fucked the whole damn thing. >.<
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I Know
Mark would have been such a good companion to the group in the future, and he might have saved people from dying such as (SPOILER WARNING FOR SEASON 1) Chuck, Brie and Ben And Lee might have not even got bitten
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father daughter bonding ! Yay he is a badass parent to clem !
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Can't wait for season 2 I seen season 2 on steam by the way. sad to know lee won't be in it.
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I also can't wait ...
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This is good but I thought Clementine didn't have any bones?how did you move her arms? I would like to make some Lee and Clementine pics =)
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Yes, it has no bones, it is static but I used photoshop for the face and arms
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aw ok, I thought that perhaps there was another version with bones. Shoot.
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my two favorite characters of the game.
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Is Clementine wearing brown contact lenses?
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Her eyes are bright hazel.
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So very cute! ^^
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lee is basically a father of clemintine!

i just love them!!
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a friend and i are planing on cosplaying lee and clementine and i got to say this just brings all kinds of love and inspiration!
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Father:Lee -w- :D Cute :heart:
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