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Connor RK800 - Deauft (Detroit: Become Human)

I found a .fbx file from Connor's model and then:

Convert to .xps
I fix the textures that were wrong color and very bright.
Renamed Bones (Face Bones not renamed)
Add Spec and bump maps....

Download: I don't know if I make any more corrections or I release to download :/
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Any change you will release the model to download?

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I would definitely love to see this made available for download. I just finished the game itself and I was really hoping to get a great model of Connor to mess around with. Please reconsider! :w00t:

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Dude pls, you made the impossible but just make this beautiful model downloadable!!!

Your a amazing guy!!!! (or girl, sorry I don't know)

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When is it gonna be ready for dl, if you don't mind me asking?
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just finished the game a few days ago and i already fucked shit up XD

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Beautiful. Is it just about the textures or are there other reasons you're hesitant to make the xps version available? 
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So Can i Have Your "Permission "! 
For the "Model Link "! ?
And Ill Promise That I woyn't Give Out the "Link "! ?
well "Until You Say So ?? 
Haaaa ! :) (Smile) Hug Giggle Giggle 
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Me empresta ?  xD
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Already waaaaaayyyyyyyyy ahead of you and ported to .fbx and I have a .blend file people can play with  Detroit: Become Human - Connor RK800 Model DL by ckthesorrow

hey can i have your connor blend file pls

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It's amazing!!! Take your time with it to fix any bugs, but please let us know when it's downloadable. Thanks! :)
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*screaming fangirl* :hug: Thank you for this!
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I have other models if you're interested in converting them.
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